Sunday, May 17, 2009

Picture Month

So I have more pictures. I just seem to be taking a ton more pictures in May than the other months. Yesterday, Aaron wanted to take the kids fishing and for a hot dog cook out (I forgot to bring the ketchup and mustard, but we choked them down, actually, Lanny ate three.) We went up to Pole mountain. It was a bit cold, but I was the only one with sense enough to wear my coat the whole time. Aaron and Lanny were quite successful at catching brook trout. They could have stayed there forever, but since Lanny filled his waders with lake water again, I said we had to go get him warm. We had to hike a short ways to get into the pond that we wanted to fish at. I took Kessie's hand because there is a lot of loose rock and it is slippery. She willingly held my hand and said, "Follow me, Momma." So cute. I hate to admit it, but all three of my children are the outdoorsy type. I am by far outnumbered when the choice comes to fishing or scrapbooking. While the boys fished, the girls went exploring and climbing big boulders. We had a great time, and when we were done with everything, Aaron put the fire out with the water from Lanny's waders---and Lanny hiked back a bit underdressed (don't worry, I had a change of clothes for him in the car.) Sometimes I am so stupid, that change of clothes meant he was all set to stop at another fishing hole on the way back, what was I thinking?!? But seriously, I can be positive about fishing. I don't have to eat them, the woods were beautiful, and I love watching the enthusiasm exuded by my children! Family time, even in the outdoors, is wonderful!

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