Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dad Always Knows

My Dad always seems to know what I need, even if it is by mistake. I just received a voicemail message from my Dad. He thought I might be interested to know that Hannah Dakota Fanning was born in Georgia on Feb. 23, 1994 (this is all from memory, so if I got something wrong, I'm sorry.) Thus, she will be fifteen this year. I'm not really a fan, in fact it took me several minutes to figure out who he was talking about. So your reaction is probably the same that mine was. Uuuhh, so?!? Thanks Dad for thinking of me, but seriously why do I need to know this? Well, after I listened to my message twice, and thought of all possible reasons for this message I called my Dad. Apparently, my sister had been wondering about her and Dad had mixed up who needed this information. As I write this, I am still laughing hysterically. I laughed while talking to my Dad, I laughed while I fixed lunch, and there doesn't seem to be an end to my mirth. So maybe my Dad called the wrong daughter, and maybe not. I really did need a good laugh. Love you, Dad! Thanks!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Looking at my "Mixed Reactions" post it seems that we are evil parents. Not so, I have hardly any pictures of my children crying, that's why these are worth sharing. The reactions are so strong. Truly, though, we were having a wonderful time, up until snow got in places it shouldn't have.

Mixed Reactions

We just got back home from Grandma Karen's where we spent Christmas. So far the consensus is that we had a great time. The kids loved all the snow. There seemed to be a ton, but Aaron said there wasn't that much compared to other years. Of course I took pictures of the kids riding horses, opening presents, reading, making graham cracker houses (this was a first, and very fun! Which reminds me, we forgot to bring them home, Grandma, will you please save them in a special place for us?) I also have pictures of Louie sledding, the Christmas Eve Nativity Story enactment, several caught fish, etc. however, by far my favorite picture of the whole trip is this one of Louie. Please compare and contrast the one of her and Kessie with the one of Lanny. Yeah, quite a difference. Due to shoveling the driveway, multiple times a day, this particular snowbank gets rather large. Aaron's only goal was to chuck us all into it. Yes, I got chucked in a couple times too. It's amazing how soft the landing is. Since Louie's picture is a close up, just know that she had just asked Aaron to throw her in. However, she got some snow in her gloves when she landed, thus ruining the whole experience. I did help her up and console her, but only after I got this great close-up!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Listening and Obeying

We finally got up to Grandma Karen's. It took us two tries and a ton of hours, but we are here. We were getting ready for church this morning, and of course, Louie wanted Grandma to put make-up on her. Wow, Louie, you looked so beautiful for church. As I was brushing out her hair, Grandma got out some new apple scented lotion for us all to try. Grandma put a dab into Louie's hand and then walked away. I wasn't paying much attention since I was still trying to get the tangles out of her hair.
"Why did Grandma put this in my hand?" Louie was a bit confused.
"She wants you to try it. Go ahead and try it, you'll like it." It was just lotion, I mean, what was the big deal. Louie let out a big "EEEWWWW!"
"Oh, come on Louie, it's apple!" I'm sure you've guessed by now, but my sweet Louie, completely trusting in me did exactly what I told her to do. As she started to gag and moan, I looked up into the mirror and saw a big glob of lotion on her protruding tongue.
Yeah, so I felt pretty terrible. We have been having some listening and obeying issues, and of course, Louie finally listens to me and obeys me and what does she get for it? If I hadn't been laughing so hard, I probably could have helped her get the lotion out of her mouth. Luckily Grandma was there to help her while I recovered. We might have a few more issues with obeying after this incidence, but who can blame her.

Monday, December 15, 2008


The weatherman said it would get cold, but, "WOW!" it is freezing outside. When I took Lanny to school I looked at the temperature and it said it was -9 degrees (this is with the sun up!) The weather station said that due to the wind chill it "feels like" it's -29 degrees. Because of the humidity in our house, I'm guessing, all of our windows have ice on them, on the inside. If anyone would care to join us, we're having a hot cocoa party at our house until summer!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Card

I'm hoping to get some Christmas cards out this year. However, in case that doesn't happen here is a Merry Christmas to everyone! We love you all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We just found a bunch a beautiful 2T dresses in storage and got them out for Keston. She loves looking like a princess. She wears several different ones a day. Thought I'd share this picture since it answers the question, "Can a girl be beautiful and brainy too?" Here's your answer---"You Bet!!!"

Monday, December 8, 2008


As most of you know, Louie is quite intelligent. She can often repeat exactly what I say, but she also sometimes adjusts it slightly so that the meaning is a bit different, unintentionally of course. Like when the children and I were practicing Christmas songs so that we can go caroling to the neighbors when it gets closer to Christmas. Aaron walked in the door from work, all the children attacked him and Louie excitedly said,"We're going over to the neighbors to practice our singing!" Such enthusiasm, but I think the neighbors would enjoy the polished versions better. Today, we were practicing our piano. Louie wants desperately to learn to play, so I got some lesson books. We've had two lessons, 3 weeks apart, yeah, I gotta work on that. She remembered the first lesson, and so we went on and talked about quarter notes and half notes. She picked it up pretty well and at the end of the lesson when I pointed to a note and asked her what note it was there was no hesitation as she shouted, "Penny!" My uncontrolled laughter alerted her to a mistake and she quickly amended her answer to quarter. She is a smart cookie which often makes me forget that she is only four. However, when her cute little oopsies crop up I am reminded of how young and innocent she still is. Oh, I love childhood. I wish I could capture every moment!
P.S. I always ask Kessie to give me a "YEEEHAW" since she is always galloping around like she is on a horse (her gallop is seriously unique and endearing...she looks like Goliath (our dog) with a cactus stuck in his foot). She obligingly hollers, "AAAHAW"!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas List

So I've decided to start my list for Santa. #1---New Bed, preferably a triple King size, but I'd settle for a double King size. I just wanted everyone to see a nightly occurrence. Everyone goes to bed in their own beds, but by morning, well, between nightmares and needing cuddling etc. we always end up like this. Obviously, this was taken after Aaron left for work, and I got up, but try to imagine where the two adults might fit into the picture---exactly!!! That is why we need a bigger bed. So if you see Santa, put in a good word for me!