Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cozy Cow Dairy Farm

Yesterday we accompanied Lanny and all the first graders on a trip down to Windsor, south of Fort Collins, to visit the Cozy Cow Dairy Farm. Kessie couldn't wait to see all the baby cows. We actually only got to see two, but she thought it was the best day ever. We got to watch as they milked the cows, and then they gave a little presentation on how milk is made, i.e. the cow eats, belches, chews, digests, voila...milk! The kids thought it was great, plus they gave them a sample of 2% milk and cheese curds. According to every first grader, that was the best milk that they had ever tasted! After visiting the dairy, we went to a park to eat our lunch. They had a playground with an exceptionally high slide. Sorry, Kessie, not letting you on that one! They ran around like crazy, as did I, trying to keep track of my kids. Picture a swarming ant hill and you know what the playground looked like. It was a bit noisier than an ant hill, though. It was a fun day, but I was sure tired. The sun came out at the park and made it very enjoyable. Louie keeps asking when we get to go back to the dairy.
Aaron happened to be working in Windsor and so he stopped by to say hi. Probably a bad thing. No, he didn't get a sample of cheese, but he did find out how much a calf cost and if there were any available. I was seriously scared to open my car door, thought I might find a cow in there. Luckily, he's still contemplating, but that look in his eyes tells me that we will have a baby cow sooner than later! Oh well.

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