Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So what's for dinner at your house? Aaron called last night to tell me he was on his way and asked what we had had for dinner. The conversation went something like this...
Aaron-"So what did you guys eat for dinner?"
Me-"We had cereal and salad."
Aaron-"Uuuh, what?"
Me-"Cereal and salad."
Aaron-Loooong pause...."Um, maybe I'll pick something up on the way home."
It was quite satisfying actually. Feel free to steal my clever idea sometime and try it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here's a page I did and liked how it turned out. Aaron, has been giving me time to scrapbook, so I've gotten a couple pages done.

I used a sketch from the Cosmo Cricket Blog. http://www.cosmocricket.typepad.com/
As well as their papers! So love Cosmo Cricket!
The journaling reads: Enjoy life...love it...and always remember-you are loved...and the sky is never the limit...you can achieve anything you can dream!!!
Oh, yeah, and the pictures were taken with my awesome new camera...oooh, love it!

Hollywood's Calling...etc.

Just of few funnies.
A week ago, Lanny got out of the shower and decided to give himself a new hairdo for church. He was styling and stunning. He loved it so much that he re-did it and wore it to school that way for a few days. Our neighbor commented on how hip he looked and wondered if Hollywood had called yet...I'm sure they will soon. He loved all the compliments he received, but he decided for now to go back to his normal "do", I think the hip one was just too high maintenance.

The other day, we were watching a movie and one of the previews was for a movie that I'm so excited to go see! "It's my movie!" I screamed! To which Louie excitedly said, "Yeah, Mom, isn't it "Harry Porter and the Lightening Thief?!?"" Well, she got it close enough for me! She's got a good memory, but with everything I like, it's hard to keep them straight! (The movie is "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief"...which is coming out on Feb. 12!!! Yippee!)

Kessie has been very sick, thanks to everyone who has helped us out and kept her in your prayers. (It was only a week, but wow, it seemed like an eternity.) She is doing so fabulous now! Except for a little weight loss, you can't even tell she was ill. I, of course, still had to take the other kids to school and thus had to drag her along with me. She was not happy. Last Friday, she was screaming and yelling at me that she wanted to get out of her carseat. I told her that if I drove with her out of her carseat that I would be arrested. "I want you to be arexted!" She screamed. Then after some more ranting she yelled, "Mom, I want you thrown in the dungeon!" Seriously, what three-year-old knows that word! It was so funny and all I could think was, "Super, then I might get some peace and quiet!"

Here is a belated picture of my hunters, well, two out of the three of them. Aaron went to South Dakota for a few days over New Years. Grace and Goliath did great and Aaron was happy to be out and hunting...although, we had great weather while he was gone and the weather out there was freezing. Oh, well, I think the three crazies still enjoyed themselves!

Helpful Helpers

The kids asked to watch a movie the other day so I said okay. Well, they got bored with it pretty quickly but by then I was into a good book and I didn't want to do anything but read, so I let them entertain themselves. They seemed happy. Kessie took a nap and Lanny as Louie told me was building something! Cool...as long as he was happy. Louie decided to join him. Ooopsie on my part. Last Christmas Karen gave us some paintings of the children that she had done. I couldn't find frames, and this Christmas she got us some frames! I kept asking Aaron to put the paintings in the frames, but he hasn't had time, no problem...in step my little helpers. Turns out Lanny wasn't actually building anything, he was putting the paintings in their frames! He had heard Aaron talk about using some little nails and so that is what he did (with his tool kit that he got for Christmas!) He also helped Louie install her painting. I stopped him before he got to Kessie's painting, and can you guess, yep, hers is still not framed because Aaron still hasn't had time. But never fear, my cute Lanny and Louie got theirs framed and they are now proudly displayed on my mantel! Gotta love those helpers!
Here are the finished, framed paintings! Notice the nail holes!

Here are red dots on all the nail holes, just in case you couldn't see them well. The nails poked through from the other side.

Close up of a nail. In case you were wondering, they even nailed on the hardware with which to hang the paintings!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wishes from Wyoming

Here's a big Happy New Year from our Elders...

Should've, Could've, Would've...

Okay, so I had this plan to post these yesterday, but time went by and viola, it's today. So, without further ado, Happy 2nd day of....

Here is a sign that Louie had Lanny make for her. Her and Lanny decorated the house on New Year's Eve and she ran around shouting "two-ten"! Of all the kids, she was the most excited to ring in the new year. We did celebrate with Oreos and a movie, but went to bed at eleven. Sleep does a body good!

Here's hopin' everyone's year of two-ten is happy and adventurous!