Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crazy Woman!

She is. I'm not kidding. I love my mother-in-law, but she's nuts. She's uberly talented and one of her talents is with horses. I've mentioned before that she rides, trains, and shows horses. We recently went to one of her shows, which was great, but I got to watch an in between training session. Never again. I was a nervous wreck. She was in an indoor arena with walls...walls I tell you. During this session she was working on her sliding stops. It's where you get your horse going insanely fast and then tell them to stop and the horse tucks it's butt under and slides, kicking up dust. It looks awesome when you are watching a performance...not a practice...because...she was running crazy fast at a wall...a wood wall, a wall that is harder than her and her horse. I hope you've noticed my use of words such as crazy, insane and nuts. So continuing on. To add to this "training" one of the walls she was running at had a burning or some such thing of a cowboy and cow on it. Yeah, it looked just like someone had hit the wall and left their mark. Made me nervous! Anyways, she did great and Wendell (her horse) only lightly touched the wall with his nose once, but I had her whole obituary written out in my head (it was a beautiful and touching obituary with a bit of humor added in). I've always thought it would be fun to learn to ride, but I've rethought it and now I'm content to play Yahtzee. Here's a pic of her heading at the wall at warp speed. A couple pics of her performing afterwards to show that she survived!
Let's just call this picture, "In the Nick of Time"!

Please notice the fabulous positioning of the banner in the background. The King Equestrian Center is where she trains and it is a great facility. All opinions are my own, but I wouldn't mind a check in the mail for my endorsement...just in case anyone at the facility is looking at this!

Here's one of those stops I was telling you about. Nice and safe in the open!

She makes it look so easy. I wish!

Thing 1 and Thing 2

My cute, talented friend from Cheyenne (who no longer lives in Cheyenne either), made Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes for her kids one year for Halloween. We had a combined birthday party for Kel and my nephew Jace this year. Since he was turning one and Kel was turning two I thought a Thing 1 and Thing 2 party would be perfect. So I copied my friend, and I think the results were awesome! Thanks for the inspiration, Holli, love ya, miss ya!
I didn't tell my sis-in-law what I was doing, but just had her come. We ate and chatted and then when it was time for the actual party to start, I took Kel and Jace in and came out and surprised everyone! Yeah, they're darling, I know!
We danced with pom-pom thingies, blew bubbles, and had a water blob (saw on the internet). The little kids weren't too sure of the water blob at first, but it became a huge hit....soooo loved it! Thing 1 and Thing 2 hair party hats along with blue crepe streamers and red balloons were the decorations. We didn't even blow out candles, we got too involved in the ice cream, but that was okay, I think everyone had a great time! Love these two little munchkins, they are such blessings in our lives and I'm soooo happy they will have each other to play with as they grow!

Thing 1 and Thing 2. Happy Birthday, Babies!

This is as close to a normal family picture as we get...yeah, I know, we rock!

Love this pic! She is soooo happy!

Thing 1 liked the plastic as well as the ice cream!

Thing 1 and his cute Mommy!

Thing 2 is soooo excited to be two. She is actually yelling, "Doo, Doo!"

This is my model on the water blob. She actually got on it, saw me get my camera, and posed for me. What a ham!

Auntie and Kel jumping on the blob. Kel was roaring with laughter!

Here's a group shot of the blob. It was cool and refreshing and the place to be!

Great Grandma and Grandma, enjoying the party.

Jace got a cowboy hat and stick pony from Grandma and Grandpa! Cute Cowboy!

Louie was playing with Jace and his new Jack in the Box! He loved it!

Cowgirl Thing 2. She got a pink stick pony!

And the greatest part of the party...the cupcakes. I wanted them to have blue frosting swirling up looking like the blue hair. NAILED IT!!!

Flaming Gorgeous

We went to Flaming Gorge as a family on the 25th of July and stayed for four days. The kids got lots of swim time, fish time, and sand time...not to mention sun time. I was kind of tired of the sun without shade thing, but Saturday it was stormy and chilly, and I loved it! Grandma and Grandpa got to join us Friday night and we had fun playing games and fishing. We had lots of fun, but I for one was sooooo thankful for a shower on Sunday evening!

I love bum strap shots! I couldn't keep Kel out of the water. Apparently, this water was highly magnetized and she couldn't help herself. She was drawn to it and then into it every time we stepped out of the trailer!

These are the only fish I like to catch!

Did I mention that I love, love, love bum strap shots! Totally makes me happy every time I look at them!

Miss Thing enjoying the sunset.

The evenings were gorgeous and very pleasant!

Pretty Girls...and first thing in the morning, is that even fair?

The boys were filleting the fish, but I cut those suckers out of the photo.

Please note the shoes. Grandpa was trying to take a nap in the tent when the wind kicked up. Yes, the tent might have been halfway blown over, but it didn't even phase him!

Lanny and Louie caught several nice fish...and yes, she is wearing make up, because who camps without make up...(that's me raising my hand.)

I asked Lanny to smile for me, yeah, that's what I get for making such a stupid request. He had swollen eyes for two days and we're not quite sure why. Although, I'm allergic to camping, so that might have been it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

And While I'm at It....

Since you just got to meet my nephew, now I get to introduce you to my new niece! Once again, I became an immediate favorite, although she might not realize it yet. Evelyn LaFawnDa Johnson, no kidding. I was as surprised as you at their choice of middle names, but who am I to judge? Derek and Whit came up to visit last week and we all got to meet her. I was a little concerned about Kel, but she looooooved her! She couldn't get enough of Evie, talking to her in a high pitched voice, tickling her, and kissing her. Kel always made sure that Evie have her blanket and binkie. There was a couple fist fights over who got to hold her, but we all managed a turn.
Okay, so maybe her middle name isn't LaFawnDa, but that's what Derek told me and then neglected to tell me he was joking. So Evie can blame her Daddy for her lifelong nickname!

Kel needed a few moments to feel young again! She also wanted to be swaddled and rocked by her Uncle.



I'm sooooo excited to finally be able to introduce you all to my nephew! He's a dolly! And here he is...Ronan Everett Murray! I probably spelled that wrong, I'll have to go back and fix it later, because I want you to see this little guy! After months and months of, well, you don't even want to know what my sis and her hubby had to go through, but the adoption was final August 7th! I can now post pics and show the world his cuteness. He's a great baby and loves his Auntie the most...can you blame him. No Ernie, I'm talking about me. We love you, Mr. Ronan! So blessed to have you in our family!

This was the first time I got to meet my new nephew! As you can see, he took to me immediately!

Ronan with his Daddy.

The little Mr. turned one at the beginning of July! We got to help celebrate!

My sweet sister, and her son...Ronan!