Sunday, May 10, 2009


Last night we went to the circus. This is our second year to go. Last year was completely amazing. This year there had been some downsizing and although we still enjoyed it, it wasn't a feast for the eyes anymore. They did have tigers this year, which thrilled the kids. Kessie especially loved them. One of the tigers was named Konan and he weighed 750 pounds, he was huge. He was also the only one that the tamer dared feed by hand. I guess he is one of those gentle giants. We also enjoyed the elephants, the blue and pink poodles, and the boys loved the motorcycles in the cage, and sweet Louie commented on one of the acrobatic women (all of them were scantily clad), "Mom, she is beautiful, but she didn't dress right." Good for you Louie! Of course we had popcorn, cotton candy, and Louie found a ticket in her candy bar that won her a bouncy ball. Seeing as how I greatly fear being in crowded places with my kids, and Kessie did wander off once (we found her luckily), I feel very blessed that we were able to enjoy ourselves and all end up home together and safe! Gotta love those angels working overtime on our behalf!
Oh, I almost forgot, the serious funny of the night. They sell those stupid glowing/flashing swords and balloons, etc. all for an astounding amount of money. At one point in the show they dimmed all the lights and encouraged everyone to buy a glowing sword. They were on sale!!! The announcer said,"So ladies and gentleman as our vendors walk around, put your hands in the air and buy one now!" Louie, who for the first time in her life listened and obeyed, enthusiastically threw her hands in the air...ready to buy such a wonderful find! The lady behind us burst into laughter, as did we. And I got the added benefit of hugging Louie tightly until no vendors could be seen. She still enjoyed herself, even though we didn't buy her a sword.
Even with the downsizing of the circus, I would highly recommend to anyone who has not been, go see a circus. The skill and strength of those performers is amazing. Fun time for all!
P.S. The picture of Kessie is during the national anthem, I probably shouldn't have taken the picture, but I was so proud of her.

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Ken and Kim Cutler said...

How fun! I'm glad you guys got to go! What a great memory!