Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lanny's class is going to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver tomorrow. I just got a new cupcake decorating book (which had some darling butterfly cupcakes in it.) Put the two together and you get cupcakes for Lanny's class. It was my first time, I can barely frost, so they aren't perfect, but I did get some compliments. I had fun, and the girls loved it, because they munched as I decorated and probably ate about three pounds of chocolate each. I actually am pretty excited to try some more soon, but we have to come down off this sugar high first!
The book is called "Hello, Cupcake!" by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson

Armor of God

So for Hamily Fome Evening (that's what Lanny calls it) we decided to put on the whole armor of God, seeing as how the world isn't getting any nicer. I don't think the kids got it at all, but they had fun and liked it when I tried to beat them up and couldn't because they were protected. I kept trying to take Kessie's picture and she kept stabbing me with her sword, so most of her pictures are of the point of a sword with shoes. The armor fit Aaron, but we might have to eventually get him a bigger size!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Here are some pictures of the Kokanee catch! Lanny was so thrilled!

Antelope Hunting

Aaron just got back last night with my camera (he was hunting for moose, and yes, he got one. They are pretty tasty.) So I can finally post pictures of our antelope hunt. Don't worry, there are absolutely no pictures of antelope (we didn't get one, just two flat tires at the same time---I know what you're saying, "Now there's real talent!") Anyways, most of us didn't go for the hunting, Lanny went for the fishing. Louie and Kessie went for camping, and I went to see the beautiful Red Desert (which by the way is not red---oh, yeah, I was disappointed.) Aside from a few minor mishaps, as previously mentioned, we had a great time. Grandma Karen, Grandpa Steve, and Uncle Derek joined us for a couple days and it was great spending time with them. The first day we were out it was just our family and we went over to High Savery to do some Kokanee Salmon fishing. We got there during spawning, yes, Aaron planned it that way, because he knew they would be bright red. Looking at the pictures afterwards, I noticed that they matched Lanny's pants perfectly, who says you can't be stylin' while you're camping. That was pretty much the highlight of the trip for the kids. We did some major walking and the girls and I finally had to wait in the car while Lanny and Aaron continued in their quest to catch a Kokanee. (They aren't really biting during this time, so Aaron says you just have to irritate them enough so that they will strike.) The river with all the fish in it is off limits to fishing because that is where the Game and Fish collect all the eggs to raise. Most of the other little rivers didn't have many Kokanee, but still, Aaron and Lanny did each catch/irritate one. Lanny caught a girl, and Aaron caught a boy (they transform into hook jawed monsters.) I don't really love fish, but I even thought it was cool to watch them and see how pretty they are compared to the grey of a couple months ago.

Besides all the hiking and fishing, we got to ride the four-wheeler, Louie and the grandparents, along with Uncle Derek hike up the cool looking mountains we camped by (very neat formations made out of clay.) And Aaron spent some quality time with his brother and Dad fixing tires!

I was a bit concerned letting Lanny miss a day of school to go camping, but now realize it was well worth it. Not only did we get family time, but there was quite a bit of education that can't be learned in school!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lost and Found

Yesterday Louie asked me if she could have another piece of gum because she had somehow lost hers. I, being such a meanie, told her no way. I just knew that we would find it in the carpet. Nope, no luck, we couldn't find her gum. Today, however, I was just getting out of the shower when Lanny, who had just woken up, called, "Momma, I found Louie's gum." Seriously, I know you can have a poker face, but this kid had his poker voice going. No emotion, but I was worried. I went out into my bedroom (the kids have been sleeping on the air mattress because Aaron has been gone) and ha, you thought you knew, but nope, the gum was not in his hair. Instead it was stretched and mushed along his shoulder blade, with just a tad above his elbow. I got a good laugh, Louie got banished from gum, and we did get most of it off. He's still a bit sticky, but nothing that won't eventually wear off. All I can say, I'm so glad it was not in the carpet!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

So, I can't believe it, but my five-year-old is now six!!! Lanny was so excited for his birthday (well duh, what kid isn't.) He had to go to school, and then wait for Daddy to get home, and then wait until after dinner to open his presents. It was only about nine o'clock at night, but he didn't complain once. We went to McDonald's for his birthday dinner and invited his friend from kindergarten. They haven't seen each other all summer. Lanny was so thrilled, he couldn't stop grinning. I think seeing his friend, Derrick, was the best birthday present he got. When we got home after dinner, we found out that a pirate had snuck into our house and taken all of Lanny's presents. Louie was quite distraught, but Lanny immediately followed the clues to find his stolen presents. I was amazed because he actually read the clues (which were not easy to read). I'm posting the note that that scoundrel left in place of his presents. You'll all be glad to know that I have since taken extra precautions to make sure no more pirates sneak in and steal our priceless possessions. Over all I think it was a good birthday for Lanny. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Hopefully I'll be getting his six-year pictures taken soon to post or send out, depending on my mood! Here are some pictures at McDonald's, the stolen presents---found, and Lanny using his new skateboard the next day!


Your presents looked fine,
So I took them for mine.
I’m Captain Drake,
Of the ship S.S. Splake.
I’ll bury the treasure,
I have to for good measure.
Now don’t get the blues,
I’m a sorta nice pirate so I’ve left you some clues.
If you follow the map,
You’ll fall into a trap,
So follow the clues,
Don’t forget to put on your shoes.
Get ready, get set,
Your presents can be yours again yet.

Here are the clues that he left Lanny to follow. The kids had a great time (Kessie slept through it all) and there were chocolate coins with each clue, so that was a bonus!

Start out right here,
There’s nothing to fear.
Go up to the top of the stairs,
Your next clue is taped to the chairs.

I love to sail, I love to grin.
Where might your Daddy keep something to shave his chin?

Keep on lookin,
You’re totally bookin’.
Speaking of that,
Where would you read “The Cat in the Hat”?

I’m living the good life,
On the seas with no strife.
So while you are waitin’,
Go do some paintin’.

Hurry up, just don’t stop.
Go back up to the top.
Keep your head clear and cool,
Where do you sleep at night, and do you drool?

Your presents I was packing,
When my stomach needed snacking.
I raided the food,
When my first mate said, “Dude”.
So down in your cellar,
I ate the food storage with the fellar.

My minds starting to blank,
So just look by the gas tank.

Now off you go,
Your presents in tow.
I’m off to the sea, I be a sailor.
The treasure you’ll find, hidden in the trailer!

Friday, September 12, 2008

War Paint

So we bought some new face paint and just had to break into it. Louie loves getting her face painted. Personally, I hate it. It starts to dry, and then my face feels tight and itchy, oh well. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team. Here are our beautiful faces. Louie's is on both sides of her face. Keston did her own paint (she didn't even use a mirror---truly, she is amazing!) Louie and Keston painted my face---Mrs. America here I come! (This is the first time I've had "Make-up" on in a long time, definitely an improvement!) I'm also posting some pictures of my twins. Other than Halloween, this is the first time Keston and Louie have been matching. They looked so cute and were so excited to be twinners!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Garden

Lanny just informed me that he wanted us to plant a garden. Aaron promised him that next spring that will be the first thing we do. "Good," said Lanny, "I want to plant bikini's so that we can make bikini bread. I love bikini bread!" Me too Lanny, me too! Everyday is so fun!

Missing our Family

Everyday this past week, after she had finished breakfast, Louie would ask, "Can I go torture Uncle George?" (Logan was usually still asleep and Louie couldn't wait for him to get up and play.) Unfortunately, yesterday I had to inform her that she could no longer "torture" Uncle George because he had to go home. Grandpa and Uncle left very early yesterday morning. Of course as soon as I said this Louie went into a crying fit. She was not very happy, and was even sadder because she didn't get to see them leave. She was not the only one I had to contend with. I told Lanny that they had left when he first got up and he said, "I know, they had to go home, but Mom, they stole our car." He had looked out the window and seen one of the cars missing. We have so many that he must have forgotten that one was a rental. All I can say is they better bring it back, pronto! (Good excuse to have them come visit again.) Kessie also was missing her new favorite people. She loved to tackle and wrestle Grandpa and Uncle George as they were trying to go to sleep. I wish I had had my camera when we went swimming on Friday. When it was time to get out, Logan came over with the towels (he was already dressed) and wrapped Kessie up in one. Then they went and sat on the bleachers to wait for us to get out. Logan is so big, and Kessie is so small, and they were so darling sitting next to each other, best buds. Yesterday Kessie would stop what she was doing throughout the day and look up at me and in a questioning voice say, "Grampa?" She wonders where they have gone also, who's feet is she going to tickle? As much fun as we had with them, I'm sure they were happy to get home. How's the rain out there guys?!? And Uncle George promised that he would return soon, so we'll just have to talk to them on the phone until then. Thanks for coming to visit us Grandpa and Uncle George, we miss you and we love you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of Preschool

So it was Louie's turn this time. She went back to STRIDE, the school she attended last year. Her teachers wanted to have her four days of the week, but she is only going for two, because Mommy wants her too, and I always win. She had a great time, and wore a huge smile the whole time. She even got to show Grandpa her classroom. She painted, read stories, and played, and got right back into the routine no problem. We celebrated her great first day by going to IHOP. Grandpa treated, and then he took Lanny, Louie, and Uncle George swimming! They had a great time, and just in case you were wondering, yes, all the cute lifeguards were checking Logan out (according to himself.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Photos

Here are a few more photos from Sept. 1st, I couldn't fit them all into one post.


Grandpa Craig and Uncle George are here visiting us, so of course we had to take them fishing---complete with roasted hot dogs, four-wheel rides, and wet dog smell. We weren't able to stay very long because it started to hail, but we had a good time. I've posted a picture of Uncle George catching a whopper of a fish, well, that is what he thought. He was so excited, and I was so sad to tell him that it was just a snag on the bottom. But it is probably just as well, because if you catch it and keep it, you eat it. And can I just comment here, the picture of me and Aaron. He claims that is a smile, but I think he is in great pain, I was sitting on his lap (I must have pinched a nerve with my bony butt.) We didn't catch any fish, but the scenery was beautiful and it was just fun to get away and relax. The kids love having Grandpa and Uncle George here. The girls can't get enough hugs from Grandpa. And of course, they all love to tease George and watch Red Green with him. I'll post more pictures as we continue our adventures with Grandpa and Uncle throughout the week.