Sunday, October 21, 2012

Who Let the Dogs In?

I don't have Louie's eight year old pictures yet, but someday, soon, before the snow flies, or maybe after, but eventually. We did, however, have her birthday party yesterday. Thankfully, half the people she invited weren't able to come, because it was crazy. She is in love with all things husky, no idea why, but she wanted a dog party. So that's what we did. I looked up dog cakes on the internet and realized, "I don't know how to decorate a cake". Thus my very clever idea was born, I was actually quite proud of myself. I baked Louie a cake on Friday. On Saturday, there was no cake awaiting her party. I told her Aaron had eaten it all, the pig. So when Grandma Johnson got here, I asked her if she had picked up a cake on the way over and she said she hadn't gotten my message, and so no, she didn't get a cake. So I told Louie we would just have ice cream. I had put a candle on a giant can of dog food, so we sang to her and let her blow it out. Then, since we had it, I told her we could have ice cream and dog food! I opened the can and holy birthday cake, Batman, there was her cake. Two of the little girls attending, no matter what I said, would not eat it. They were convinced it was dog food. I plopped some into to everyone's dog bowls (yes, real dog dishes...washed) to enjoy! I had previously gone to the print store and had them color copy a dog food label, which I attached to a #10 food storage can, and then threw her cake into the can. I thought it was great! Louie was thoroughly disappointed about no cake and then thrilled when she realized it was in the can.
We face painted, played a game, and made dog tags. I think the kids had a good time, but I was ready for all the little puppies to go home. It was fun, but I like quieter parties, with less barking. Maybe next year, I'll convince her that she likes mimes!

Louie's dog food cake, plus some chocolate dog biscuits and doggie bags to put their goodies in. Clean, yes, I said clean, dishes in the background (only time you're going to see that!)

The birthday girl, Kessie, and our cute neighbors! Cute puppies!

Kel loves a good party!

Playing "Catch the Cat". Yeah, Aaron got to be the cat, lucky guy!

Louie's friend's Mom made this cute hat for Louie, she was thrilled! I love this picture!


Thursday, October 18, 2012


I know, it's not even November, but I've kinda been struggling. I want to scream, or cry, or do both most of the time. I have fabulous friends and family who call me to chat and I never call them back because I don't want to just cry and complain on the phone. So....I thought I'd list a few fabulous parts of my life. Because even though I feel picked on, the balloons have all gone flat, the cake has all been eaten, so this pity party needs to be over....(I said it needs to be, that doesn't mean I'm ready to leave the party yet, though). Anyway, I am extremely blessed so here's a couple positives in my life....and cut me some slack, the list isn't huge, but I'm trying.

My kids are fabulous...I truly am the luckiest gal in the world to have all four of them. Each one is a miracle and although they are my toughest challenge, they bring me joy every day! Here's a pic I found on my camera from this last it!

I am grateful for my insane husband. He has some addictions, that crop up every fall, and he has to run to the mountains and shoot things, but he is still a fabulous man. His health is still not the best and I am so grateful that although we don't know what is making him sick, whatever it is hasn't been life threatening. He's also uber patient with his equally insane wife.

I am thankful for a place to stay. I can't say more, because it will be negative.

I am thankful for my friends and family who understand that I love them even when they have no idea why I won't talk with them.

I love running water, when the wind blows (it reminds me of home), and making my kids Halloween costumes. Which, if you have seen Disney's Sleeping Beauty, just think of the part where the fairies are trying to make Aurora a birthday dress without using magic...that is so me...and Lanny, sweet boy, was my dress dummy today and had to try on Louie's dress because she decided to disappear.

I'm grateful for children's books that make me laugh...yummy recipes to try in the kitchen...warm slippers (thanks Heather),...and pinterest, oh how I love you!

Cookies...yummy...nuff said.

I actually could continue, but everything I'm thinking of are little things. I guess it's those little things that make life so special, though. I am a lucky blessed girl!

Burning Question?

Well it's been a few weeks since I've posted. I had some pics ready to put up last week, but then things got busy. So I'll put them up tonight. But first, I hope you all have an answer for me, because I've got a mind boggling question. It has been bothering me since we moved into this house, which, if you recall was the first of July. So here it is....
This is a picture of the door frame in one of our bathrooms. These anonymous lips have been haunting me. Just so you know, it is too high to be a child, it has been here from day one, so it wasn't me, and I haven't seen Aaron with any lipstick on lately! I've seen people apply lipstick and then kiss a mirror (not in real life, but in movies), but have yet to see a movie where someone applies lipstick and then turns and kisses the door jam. Maybe I'm just sheltered and there are plenty of those movies out there. If you've seen one, could you let me know, I would love to watch has to be clean though. And if you know the answer to my question, please, please, call me...I can't sleep at night. I want to know the inner workings of this person's brain and what possessed them to fall in love with a sanded piece of wood.
And in case you're wondering, these lips are permanent!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Stupid Computer

So, I've been trying for three weeks to post a video of Walker....Texas Ranger! Yep, my Kel is walking! She was taking a few tentative steps here and there, but then over Lanny's birthday weekend, she took off. Across rooms, towards the stairs, into my arms! She wobbles and staggers all over, but I can't watch her enough, she is so cute. She gets mad if I try to carry her, but that's okay, because I like the slower pace. She follows her siblings from room to room, joining in their games. Sometimes, she's a bit behind and they rush out of a room as soon as she manages to get to it, but that doesn't deter her, she just staggers on after them to the next room. Last week, she was following the girls into the living room. I yelled "Hey, where are you going?" to Kel, she stopped, turned towards me, pointed down the hall towards the living room, and yelled, "AAAAHHH!" "Okay, have fun1" She then turned and continued in to play with the girls. She amazes me with her understanding and intelligence. I feel so blessed to be her Mommy. If I can get the computer to cooperate, I'll post a video, but don't hold your's better in person anyway, so come visit!

Funny side note that is totally off the subject. Lanny was talking with his friend Tyler from Cheyenne last night. Apparently, I don't let Lanny talk on the phone much because when I told him it was time to wrap it up, he said to his friend, "I gotta go, any last words?" I roared! It was nice knowing you Tyler, farewell! Such a shame, he was so young.

Here's another side note. Is it just me, or does anyone else have a hard time typing on a regular computer anymore. I keep looking for the period on the left side, which is where it is on my phone, aaaargh, you'd think they could streamline these contraptions to match up.

Birthday Boy!

I know, Lanny's b-day was a couple weeks ago, but I just managed to get some pics of him. Can you believe that my baby, my 6 lb, month early, first born is ten! Yeah, I know, I'm hyperventilating too! Sit down, grab a paper bag and breath. I promised him a "friend" birthday party this year for the big one-owe, but since we had just moved, he still didn't know a lot of people yet. So we ended up just doing a family celebration. But, hey, I'm his friend, and I'm way cool, so he can't complain, right! I think he had a good time even with me there. He went deer hunting with his Dad...luckily, they didn't get one or they would have never made it to his party on time. Lanny did, however, shoot his first grouse....with a bow! I know, he's awesome! Aaron said he was shaking pretty bad, and that he had to try several times, but he hit it. He actually hit two, but one got away. The other one he brought back for dinner, but the dogs ate it...yeah, sad (for him, but not so much for me.) Most of Aaron's side of the family was able to be there for his birthday. That morning, Whit, Kessie, and Louie decorated his cake...they did awesome! Kessie even put crushed cookies on the deer and trees so that they would look dirty, or as I say it, life like! She was soooooooo proud! We had a pinata, that I made, got the idea off of Tip Junkie. The kids loved it! We had Shepard's Pie for dinner, via, Lanny's request. So, without further ado, as Aaron would say while conducting Sacrament Meeting (in Corner Stone) here are some pics.

The Pinata..I was pretty proud of myself! The hanger broke first thing, but we're Johnson's. The boys fixed it up right quick!

Watch out, this gal's got quite the swing!

The Cake!!! Looks good, tasted good too.

Grandma Clark had given me a box of crafting goodies, included in it were some birthday candles. I am cheap and thought, of course there will be a ten in there, so I won't buy one. Nope, no ten. But there was an eight and a two, perfect! Grandma came up with the brilliant idea to add a plus sign so that Lanny wouldn't have to be eighty-two or twenty eight.

I had so much fun spending some one on one with my boy. He, obviously, gets his looks from his Daddy!

Handsome and photogenic, that's my cute boy! Love this pic, he seems so innocent still.

The Truth...

I know that I just said that Lanny is totally photogenic and uber handsome, and he is.....but....he also doesn't feel comfortable in front of a camera unless he is cheesing it. Thus, I did get some nice pics of him, but more often than not, I got the is the real Lanny!
No idea what look he's going for!

A truck drove by. He ducked, dang camo, I lost him in the grass.

Okay, so maybe the sun was in his eyes, but really, is that any excuse???

I told him to look mistake.

That's my boy!