Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Just wanted to give a shout out, late, to all the Mother's out there, especially my own. Hope they had a great Mother's Day and were pampered and treated like the amazing women that they are. I have to brag a bit about my own Mother's Day. I have been truly blessed with a wonderful husband and amazing, adorable children. Lanny prepared for over a week. He made me 9 somethings...as in cards, pictures, a package of seeds, a butterfly made of his hand prints, etc. He was so excited to give them all to me (he had been hiding them behind his dresser all week). Lanny and Louie also planted a flower for me in Primary. Louie only had one card for me and felt sad because she didn't do as many as Lanny. I tried to tell her that number doesn't matter, but she still felt bad and so she made me another card and a bag of seeds. Kessie gave me a paper with her hand prints and a poem on it. She was so excited. "Momma, I put my fingers on it!"
I have to tell you about the seeds that Lanny and then Louie (he helped her make a bag after she felt bad thinking she needed to give me more gifts) gave to me. I honestly believe that children are a lot closer to heaven than we usually realize. Lanny has always been sensitive and aware of my feelings. Apparently Heavenly Father thought I needed a boost and a reminder. Lanny gathered a bunch of native grass seeds and put them in a plastic sandwich baggie, then he wrote on the bag, "Happy Mother's Day from Lanny. Seed to reeminde you to have faith!" I loved all the gifts I received and all the efforts my family put into them, but I think that the bag of grass seeds is my favorite.

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