Friday, October 30, 2009

Belated Birthday!

With all the craziness that goes on around here, I haven't put a picture up of my five-year-old! I know, totally crazy. Louie had a great birthday, however, she has commented several times that she is sad because she may be five, but she still looks like she's four. I tried to explain that you don't just change overnight, but to no avail, she's still crushed that she doesn't look five. Aaron thinks she looks like a fifteen year old, our children are growing up way too fast. Louie wanted a cheesecake for her birthday. We lit the candle and as we were singing (I was looking through a camera) the flame suddenly went out. Kessie had silently come around the table and blown out the candle. Louie was crushed. We, of course, lit it again, but I missed Louie blowing it out because I was still giggling. So happy birthday to my Louie! Super Duper Five!

Do You Want Fresh Eggs?!?

Then get them yourself!!!

In case you couldn't tell, that's a four and a half foot drift in front of the fence! Exciting isn't it!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Couple More

Yes, my Dad is really like this...all the time...keeps life interesting, but he also relates well with the children!

Don't ask me why, but Kessie had a sudden urge to eat her sock. Luckily Grandpa persevered and conquered, it ended up back on her foot.

Probably my favorite picture of the whole trip. Just love the sweet expression on Kessie's face. She loved reading with Grandpa. At one point I had told her to go let Grandpa read her a book, and she said, "No Mom, I read it to Grandpa!"

Visitors From Maryland

Grandpa Craig, Grandma Marian, and Uncle George came to visit us. It was a short visit because they also went visiting in Utah, but we got to see them for a couple days and they got to be here in the snow and then in the sun, lucky them. We went out to eat, watched Scooby-Doo, and played in the park. They also got to go to church with us. Here are a couple pictures of our time together.
The kids had so much fun with Uncle George. They loved to tease him and watch movies with him. Don't worry, I blotted out the logo on his shirt so you wouldn't have to read it's hideousness. Okay, it only said Brigham Young, but I like to tease him too!
Here's the group!
Grandma and Kessie sharing a funny moment.
Lanny, of course, couldn't resist putting his feet in the water. The others soon followed along. It was pretty cold, though, so that is as far as it went, luckily!
Yes, I have evidence that Grandma was feeding my box of Vanilla Wafers, which cost like $3.28 a box to the geese!!! I know, I was pretty upset too!

Yes, it Looks Fun...but Should You Really Be Trying It?!?

We took Grandma and Grandpa to the Children's Village, all of the flowers were dead/dormant, but it was still fun. The kids did the sack race, and well you know how it gets when everyone is having fun...everyone gets a little crazy. Here are Lanny and Louie racing.
I raced Louie...I think I won, but Louie just won't admit it.
It looked so fun, Grandma Marian just had to try it...for those of you who don't know, my Mom has bad knees...yea...she wanted to try it anyway. I helped her into the sack and asked Dad if his insurance was up to date...then we proceeded to race. Please note Grandma Marian's position throughout the pictures.
We left her in the dust.
I cropped the photo, but in case you were wondering, no, she hasn't moved.
Don't worry, I went back and offered encouragement. No, she still hasn't moved. She did try a little hop, but didn't even inch forward. Yes, I helped her out of the bag... I think Grandma's sack racing days are over.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Death of a Dinosaur

More randomness...Lanny bought some triops a few months ago with his tooth money. He was so excited to grow real dinosaurs. I was skeptical, but they grew. Hatched from their eggs, they were barely visible, but grew to be enormous (well, enormous for them--about a 1/2 inch in length). Lanny loved them. I was annoyed because they required a light on them. So I had a pan with water and cannibalistic creatures in it as well as a desk lamp on my counter for two months. Last week the last of them died. Alas, it was sad to see them go. As much as I'm being sarcastic, they were fascinating to watch. The whole eating each other thing kinda bugged me, but other than that they were pretty cool. They were awesome swimmers and did cool loop-de-loops. All in all a great experiment for kids...and yes, supposedly they really did exist back with the dinosaurs.
In other news, Aaron and Lanny went antemelon (antelope) hunting yesterday. Lanny was pretty stoked, although it was snowing and freezing. Round trip they spent over 7hours in the car, not to mention the time spent driving around looking for one. Kessie was pretty excited when they brought home the "moose". I will be honest, my prayers went unanswered...I did not want them to bring one home. If any of you have a taste for antelope meat, it's yours...I would rather eat the cat food in the garage!
And just because I liked how it turned out, here is a page I did last weekend while listening to conference (I used a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays).

Happy week to all!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Sob...sob....I had to change the card I was sending to Uncle George this morning. I can't remember the score, but I'm sure you now know the end result. Yep, BYU hogged the spotlight again, seriously, some people just can't let others shine. But never fear, there is always next year, but I think I've been saying that for ten years now, but since I'm such an overly optimistic person I just know that next year is our year!!! Happy weekend to all...

Hugs and kisses to Uncle George, you big bum!

Friday, October 2, 2009

On to Victory!!!

So I wanted to share the card I made to send to Uncle George! He'll be really excited to get it I'm sure. USU as most of you know is my school...BYU, well, the unfortunates that have to go there instead of USU, I really feel for them! Their football teams are playing tonight. Uncle George hasn't shut-up about how BYU is going to mop the stadium with USU since BYU beat my other school (CSU) last week. He even had the gall to play the BYU theme song over the phone to me, can you imagine the nerve! (Yeah, and the sad part is, I can sing along to the BYU theme song, whereas I have no idea what Utah State's song is, or Colorado State's for that matter either...feel free to clue me in.) Well, he's in for a big surprise! So that I would be prepared, I got this card all ready to put in the mail as soon as the final whistle blows! So give out a loud cheer and lets hear it for those Aggies!!!
P.S. I guess the game is at 7 tonight, or something like that, they're playing in Provo!Outside