Wednesday, February 24, 2010


On Monday Kessie and I went to the library. There is a play area there for children. She met a little boy there and instantly they were best friends, playing and laughing. It was so cute. Their friendship started with these words...
Little boy, "When you push this button the lights stay on." He was speaking about a wooden bus that has real headlights that turn off and on.
Kessie's reply, "My Mom not crazy!"
Well, I'm glad they got that all cleared up before they became friends. Wouldn't want any secrets clouding up their otherwise sunny relationship. I still can't help but wonder if it was a plea for help from Kessie...seriously, who starts a conversation like that?!? kids do!

Last night we drove to Denver to look at a Suburban. The kids weren't too thrilled to be in the car for so long. No we didn't buy it, but on with the story. Lanny started yelling at Aaron about how he always does what he wants and buys whatever he wants and that Lanny and the other kids never have a say in anything. Lanny was pretty upset and I tried to explain that my car didn't work and Daddy was trying to find us something that would work better. Lanny calmed down, but Kessie had to get in on the heated debate, so she yelled, "Yeah you said all these things and blah, blah, blah!" I couldn't believe Aaron would say blah, blah, blah, how scandalous! Yeah, I chewed him out for using such language!

I bought all the kids a new toothbrush yesterday. Apparently, that is all that it takes to make them happy. This morning I got them out of the bag and Louie and Kessie ran upstairs to use them immediately. I told them to come back down and tell me how they worked when they were done. Louie was still brushing when she raced downstairs to tell me. "I love my new toothbrush. It is so soft!" She finished up and spit and then said, "My new toothbrush is like a dream come true." Yes she even had that starry look in her eyes. I gotta find me a toothbrush like that!

Today is my baby sister's birthday! Happy birthday to you sweet Leah! She would have been 22 today (I think). I love you!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Frosty Pictures

Yeah, these two loved it---weirdos!
Aaron's big catch of the day. Seriously, he caught two of these in about two seconds. I refuse to put anymore lake fish in our fish tank! I made him throw them both back.
Louie's snowy-ice angel! She doesn't seem to be that into ice-fishing, but she loves to be with her Daddy!
Kessie and My Mommy. She loves Gracie so much!

Ice Fishing

What did you do for President's Day? I know you'll be jealous when I tell you, but we went ice fishing! Against my better judgement and my wishes, we went. Aaron assured me that the lakes weren't very deep, so I didn't have to worry about anyone drowning. We went up to the beaver ponds and he was actually right. The ice was about two feet thick and the water below it was about four inches deep. So then my thought was, why bother when there aren't going to be any fish in there anyway. Alas, there was. The kids had a great time. Louie mainly laid on the ice and licked the snow. Kessie played with Goliath and "My Mommy" which is her name for Grace. Aaron and Lanny were ever vigilant watching for "nibbles". I had a hard time even getting them to look up for a picture. I froze, and took pictures. I know everyone thinks I'm an amazing outdoors woman, but it's all an act. Especially when it's cold. At the first excuse, I sped along back to the car and turned on the heater.

No really, that's truly how I felt about the situation!
Lanny's big brook trout that he caught. He saw a nibble on a pole across the pond (he's got amazing eyesight) and ran as fast as he could and reeled that baby in. When he pulled it out of the hole, both girls started screaming that it was their fish. I told them that whoever's fish it was was going to have to eat it. Everyone then agreed that it was Lanny's catch!
Please note where Kessie has her lure. It's right beneath the water. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she probably wouldn't catch a fish that way.
I was off taking pictures of scenery and when I looked over, Kessie had picked up the fishing pole and was intent on catching a fish.
My shadow picture for this trip. I call it---"She's got legs!"!

Not My Children

I don't know whose children are living in my house, but they can't possibly be mine! They actually ask to exercise! Obviously, they didn't get that from me, so I'm wondering who their real mother is. They love the treadmill, and usually I don't let them use it, it just seems so dangerous, but I finally gave in. (Yes, that was a run-on sentence in a major way.) I took pictures while they took turns (don't worry, they were all attached to the emergency pull cord when it was their turn). They actually waited in line for their turn, because they were so excited, yeah, weird, I know. Eventually the ones not on the treadmill got tired of waiting in line and played until it was their turn. Don't know why, because you can't see too many details, but I loved these pictures in front of the window, especially the one of Louie! She is getting really good at jump roping. Maybe their good health habits will rub off on me, but I doubt it. There's just something more appealing about sitting cuddled in a blanket watching someone else exercise!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Note to Self...

...Don't go check e-mail, ever! While I was on the computer the other day, I was listening to the girls. They were playing nicely, and sounded happy. Well, duh, of course they were happy, they were up to something. When I left the computer room, I found my stairs completely tied up! I'm happy to inform you that our stairs won't be escaping to anywhere, anytime soon. For those of you who haven't visited my house, our stairs our in the middle and you can walk all the way around the central part. It's kind of like an indoor race track, at least that is what the kids use it for. I'm not sure what possessed Louie and Kessie to wind string all the way around, I'm sure you all know who the mastermind behind the plan was. We left it that way for a few days, but then I got tired of jumping over string every time I came down the stairs, so it had to come down. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I walk out of the computer room and find another insane plan in action! (Don't worry, the kids are all still asleep while I write this. Either that, or they're up to no good and being sneaky about it!)

P.S. Yes, the house looks messy, but it was all clean by dinner time...and then messy again by breakfast!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Got My Back!

On New Years Eve, I went out to feed the chickens and got trapped in the coop. The wind blew the door shut and the latch closed. I wasn't worried because Aaron had a wire that ran through the wood that was connected to the latch. I pulled and pulled, I didn't know it at the time, but the wire had broken and therefore I could pull I wanted and it wasn't going to do me any good. I could see the kids inside, they were dancing in front of the sliding glass door. They, however, couldn't see me because it was dusk. Thanks to those "Tender Mercies", I had my phone on me. I never take my phone out, because I tend to drop things, but for whatever reason, I had picked it up on my way out of the house. I called my neighbors, who were just going into a movie (another blessing...they weren't watching the movie yet). They in turn called another neighbor whose number I didn't have. Within minutes I could here someone running towards the coop. My sweet neighbor Al, didn't even stop to put a coat on, and it was a freezing cold day, but ran straight over to rescue me. I feel so blessed to have great neighbors that watch out for me. Now that you know the background, let me tell you what happened last night.
I went out to feed the chickens and it was after dark. I told the kids to come look for me if I wasn't back in 10 minutes. Louie and Kessie wanted to come, but I told them it was cold so they should just wait inside. I got the feed and was headed for the coop when I heard a commotion at my back porch. When I turned I saw two little angels illuminated in the porch light, jumping down from the porch. Coats on, but not zipped, running as fast as they could toward me. "We gotcha Mom, we're coming! If you get trapped, we'll get you out!" Louie yelled. Kessie of course, echoed her sentiments, "Yeah! We here!" They helped me feed and water and stayed right with me, keeping me safe! How blessed I feel to have such children, who also watch my back and keep me safe!
Now, if I could just get rid of the chickens, I wouldn't have to have people rescuing me every day! Oh well, I do play the damsel in distress part quite well!