Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday was quite full. Lanny and Aaron got up and went fishing for the first time this spring. Lanny has a new set of hip waders and was so excited to use them. When I said goodbye to him he was happily getting into the car fully dressed. When I welcomed him home, he was asleep, drooling, and had no pants on...still buckled into his car seat. Seriously, what is the point of hip waders if you bend over and let all the water in anyway? He also, apparently, fell down while walking in the lake, so that filled his waders up as well. He said he still had a great time, but that the water was pretty cold. Well, at least he's learning what not to do in hip waders. While the boys were fishing, the girls went to the park and out to eat with our friend Kaye and her granddaughter. It was a chilly day, but you know kids, they still managed to have a great time.
In case anyone was wondering, they caught a bunch of greylings !

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