Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve

We have the tradition, as most of you probably do too, to act out the nativity on Christmas Eve. This year in addition to that we sat on a blanket in the living room around a lazy susan and enjoyed a dinner that Jesus might have eaten in his day (olives, bread, cheese, grapes, dates, etc). We ate by the light of my mother-in-laws Christmas tree and shared our favorite stories about Jesus. It was really fun. Then we acted out the nativity. I was going to describe it, but I'll let the pictures tell the story
This is Mary (Aunt Whitney--due in June), and Jovis (this is what Lanny called Joseph when he was a wee one). I can't figure out why Joseph can't just look normal...ever?!

These are the shepherds, abiding in the kitchen, they love chocolate!

The beautiful angels bringing glad tidings of joy! Just a note, Grandma came up with the beautiful costumes. I came up with the ones that aren't so great...yeah, not my forte!

This wiseman is actually scaring me, he's a bit too serious.

The three wisemen, gangstas, mafia, or rappers, you choose. But....they're bearing gifts!

My crew...a bit rag tag, but we still seek Him.

My little shepherd/gangsta was so exctied and just happy to be a part!


Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a great one. Join me now, for our Christmas. It's hard to believe that my two oldest are already on the naughty list for next year. They did it in record time too! At 3:28 on Christmas morning, Lanny and Louie came running into my room and woke me up. Now, just the day before Lanny and I had agreed that 8:00 am would be a good compromise for everyone to get up at. I didn't want to get up at 5:30 and he didn't want to get up at 10:00. So why, were they in my room at three...bleepity, bleep, bleep thirty? Lanny started speedily talking about how Santa had been there and left a note and that the apple we left made Rudolf's nose glow brighter and I couldn't figure out how he knew this since he wasn't suppose to go in until everyone was up and Aaron was sleeping right in the living room and apparently hadn't even noticed Lanny prancing in. Lanny had woken Louie up and then they had both come in to wake me up. Aaron and I hadn't gotten to bed until two, so I was a little cranky. Here is our conversation.
L-"Mom, get up!"
Me-"What time is it?...Grrrrrr!"
L-"It's three-twenty-eight!" Then he proceeded to speed through how he hadn't seen anything, but still managed to read the note from Santa.
Me-"Lanny, Louie, go back to bed...grrrrr!"
L&L-"Hey Mom....."
Me-"It's been six minutes, go away...grrrr!"
They left, then came back again and again and again.
L-"Mom, can I take a shower?"
Me;"Yes, go away."
I fell asleep....
Louie-"Mom, can I take a shower now?"
Me-"Yes, go away!"
I fell asleep and was rudely awakened by two quarreling children, "I didn't flood the bathroom, you got all the water on the floor." "No, you did, that's how my underwear got wet." "You need to clean it up." "Uh, uh, you do."
Me-"Go away...grrrrrrrr!" Are we seeing a pattern here?
L-"Hey Mom, it's five thirty!"
Me-"Lanny, what was our agreement? You and Louie need to go back to bed. You can read, you can sleep, you can talk to yourself, but stay in your bed and don't come back in this room until it is eight o' it?"
I fell asleep.
L-"Hey Mom, now don't get mad (probably not how you want to start a conversation) it's 7:30, and I know that we aren't getting up until eight, but.....I thought since it might take a while to wake some people up (he was talking about Kessie) we could start now and then she'd definitely be up by 8:00."
Me-"Lanny, it is not going to take a half hour to get your sister up."
L-"But, Mom...."
Me-"Okay, Lanny, give me until 7:45 and then you can wake your sister up."
I did not fall asleep again.
Louie-"Hey, Mom, it's time to get up!!!"
Me-"Louie, grrrrrrrrr, it is only 7:37. I said 7:45."
Louie-"Oh, sorry, my bad!" She ran from my room.
L-"Mom, I know your clock only says 7:44, but my clock said 7:45, so can I go wake up Kessie?"
Me-"Grrrrrr, fine (I was giggling by this point)."
So the two naughty children woke up their sister and then yelled for their Dad to get up and he woke up Kel....who is not a morning person, and did not enjoy Christmas at all until after she had taken her nap at 11:00.
Even with so much sleep, I was a bit tired Christmas day, but we did have a wonderful day. My favorite gifts were the homemade ones. All my children, except Kel, insisted on making gifts for each other. They were so thoughtful and giving and I love that about my kids. Santa was very good to us this year and now we just have to find places to put all the stuff. We're a bit crowded as it is.
I made them line up in the hallway for a pic before they went into the living room. As kids we always had to go in youngest to oldest, so that's how my kids have to do it to.

This is my absolute favorite picture from Christmas. All the kids were so excited because Aaron got pencil shavings in his stocking along with a note from Santa. Aaron called that jolly man fat on Christmas Eve no less, and that is unacceptable. Apparently, coal, is a hot commodity (no pun intended), and so Santa thought pencil shavings more appropriate to remind Aaron that he shouldn't slam Santa.

Although, not thrilled to be up before 10:00, Kel perked up a bit when she saw chocolate. She proceeded to help herself to whatever she wanted from her siblings stockings!

Lanny's in love! Wouldn't you be if you got live traps from Santa, yeah, me neither.

Kessie was sooooo cute! It wasn't really what she wanted, but she got ice skates from Santa. When she opened them she squealed..."I got skiiiiiis!" Yes, I love skiing on ponds too! Can't wait to try it out with her!

A cute moment I caught when Kel was stuffing her face with candy and Kessie was tickling her. They are so cute together. And if you look close, you'll see Kel is sitting on Kessie's saddle that she got from us. Aaron found a used one for her and one for Louie. 

Louie was thrilled to get a bunch of earrings from her Auntie. She never plans her outfits, but she has been planning what earrings she'll be wearing the next day every night before bed.

This is one of those homemade gifts I mentioned. Without my knowledge, Lanny made this cute snowman for Kel. He used glue dots, leather, and his brand new socks....aaaaargh! When I saw the new sock, I kind of choked a bit, and then had to control my seizure when he casually said, "It took quite a few socks to stuff it too!" No wonder my children can never find socks in the morning. It is such a thoughtful loving gift, and I am so proud of him for making it, but I told him I'd help him re-stuff it with stuffing. Sweet boy!
Hope you all got more sleep than me and were blessed to get to spend Christmas with the ones you love!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


We hope everyone had a fabulouso, magniterrific 12-12-12. Personally it seemed like a regular day, but my kids were sure excited about it. How often does 12-12-12 come around?!? Since I'm terribly lazy, instead of making a cake or doing something fun, I made my kids write lists. I wanted to share them. I asked them to list:
12 Things You are Thankful For
12 Things You Want to Do by Next Christmas
12 Dreams (Big, Small, Outrageous, or Doable)

I will write their lists in the 12-12-12 order I listed and I will spell it how they did, because it is so cute. The bolded parts are my addtions.

First off, Lanny:
my Family
my gun
my fly rode
my tackle box
(yeah, we can see a theme, but wait, it gets better!)
my life
everything you chatch with a fishing pole (not people)
everything you shoot with guns (not people)
my knifes
Heveanly Father
Jesus Christ

get my hunters saftey
earn over 100$
gain over 30 pounds of mucles everywear (I tried to tell him that this was a bit extreme, but he is determined)
catch a frog
kill a racoon
kill a coyote
catch a ten pound fish
catch a bull head
open bait shop (he's already made the sign, and it's pretty cool)
go on a diet
learn to do a flip
buy a trip to my grandmas (this is my Mom's in Maryland)

Have my dreams (I was a bit confused by this statement as well)
catch a big fish
win 1 million pounds of gold
win a car
get a paint horse
get a michine gun
live to 10,000
be an angle (angel....being so sarcastic, I asked him if he wanted to be a 30 or 90 degree angle)
be a electrician
never get in truble
never get arrested (I can't help but wondering if with these last two he's planning on robbing a bank?)
go to china

Here's Louie's:
my family
the church
the atonement
hevenly father
the outdors

have fun
go to the park
watch tv 
play with Kel
go traveiling
go sleding
go keriling
go trik-or-treeting
go to school
go to church
go to grandmas
go to citer city (this is where my sister lives)

go to merilind (Maryland, where my parents live)
move to a grate home
see Santa
live to be 10,0004 (I think she stole this from Lanny and had to beat him on the age...but only by a little)
see Jesus
be a rodeo queen
have a grat family win I grow up
to to texis
go to new youk
go to florida
go to frans
go to indea

Before I list Kessie's let me explain that I wrote hers, so they are all spelled correctly, and she can't focus. It was all I could do to get this partial list. If she comes up with more I'll update, but when I asked her what her dreams were she'd say stuff like "I want a Christmas tree, and I want a lamp" Can you tell she was looking at the Christmas tree and lamp at the time. Yeah, I told her to think about it. She did come up with a few things though. 
Grandmas and Grandpas
Heavenly Father
The World

Have fun with family
Ride horses
Spend time with Grandma Marian
Go sledding
Take Pictures (Kessie got a camera for her birthday)
Go traveling
Go see baby Jace
See Uncle Dale's grave (this is Aaron's uncle who died in Vietnam)
Have a great birthday party
Go on a Mommy/Daddy daughter date
Play with Keladry
Sing Christmas songs

Here's Kel's list. I have no doubt that this little one is going places. I know that she can make all her dreams into reality!

Before I write Aaron and my own lists I have to tell you that Aaron looked at me and said, "Do you have any dreams?" I answered, "I thought the same thing, no, I don'.t." He replied, "Me neither." We still made a list, mine are a bit crazy since I said they could be outrageous, and I didn't get 12, oh well.

a beautiful and supportive wife (the liar, about the beautiful and supportive part. I'm sure he's glad he has a wife, at least I hope so.)
an incredibly creative son
an extremely bright daughter
a very lively and kind daughter
the cutest and best kissing and cuddling baby ever
the great job I held in Colorado for 10 years
the greater job I got here in Star Valley
our family's good health
the prosperity we have been blessed with
family and friends
the beautiful outdoors
that our family can be a forever family

sell our home in Cheyenne
hunt a mountain lion
sell our home in Cheyenne (yeah, he knows he repeated himself, he was actually going to list that all twelve times, but figured two would get the point across)
take Bri to the temple
take an affordable family vacation
get feeling better
magnify my church callings and prieshood
buy or begin building our family a home
take the family to Granite Hot Springs
take the family camping and fishing a lot!
get Lanny his hunters safety
take Bri and the girls horseback riding
Here he wrote over with an arrow on the paper, in case I didn't think to turn the paper over to find the rest of his list. Thanks, Honey!

own a small farm (well on his way!)
help other people (serve a couple mission)
hunt moose, dahl sheep and caribou in Alaska
build a shop/barn
build a meat processing room and a separate fur dressing room
get out of debt
become more self sufficient
see my children get married in the temple and raise families of their own
teach my grandchildren to hunt and fish
hunt a grizzly bear, mountain goat and bison
spend quality time with family and friends
go to conference at the conference center

My children
My husband
Aaron's job
The Gospel
Hugs and Kisses
Modern Conveniences (i.e. telephones, the computer, cars, Walmart, online shopping...I really miss some modern conveniences, yeah, it's Walmart)
My camera
My family's health
Far away friends and family

Run (please note, I said run, not walk) in a race. (This race could be just to the mailbox and back, but I actually want to get my butt moving.)
Take a cake decorating class
Improve my photography
Listen to the Book of Mormon cover to cover (This is huge for me, I never seem to be able to get through it in a year.)
Sell our house in Cheyenne (see, sometimes Aaron and I are on the same wave length)
Be in our own home
Learn to ride a horse (not professionally, but I would like to not be afraid)
Make friends
Start the kids in piano lessons
Wean Kel
Be Nicer
Play (play with my kids, play with the dogs, play the get the idea)

Travel the world
Be in charge of storytime at the library
Go on a mission with Aaron
Hold babies all day long in a third world country orphanage (obviously, this is after my babies are grown and I miss having little ones around)
Eat dessert for every meal and never gain a pound, or get sick
Have a long lost relative give me 392 million dollars
Get published ( I don't even write, but wouldn't it be cool to publish a book!)
Stay out of jail (I stole this directly from Lanny, I figured it was a great goal. I want to pass GO, I want to collect two hundred dollars!)

We hope all of your dreams come true, and just know that you are all on our thankful llists! Happy 12-12-12!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was the Parade of Lights in Afton to kick off the Christmas season. It was 41 degrees and there was no wind. I told the kids to enjoy it because we were never going again. It's pretty much impossible to ever watch the parade in above freezing temps. We lucked out. As with all parades here, we got to watch it twice because it goes down one side of the street and then turns around and comes back down the other side. The kids loved it!

Oooooh, pretty lights!

This was my favorite float. Poor Santa. They also had a float with Santa not stuck in a chimney. There was a bucket train that little kids were riding in and they decorated a school bus...the kids really like that one. My nephew was riding on his Dad's float (for his business) and he loaded us up with candy as they went by.

See that painted box, yep the one with duct tape all over it. It's not garbage, it's a live trap that Lanny made to catch a muskrat. He put it next to our neighbors pond over Thanksgiving. As of today, no luck, but he swears the carrot has been nibbled on. I wish him luck, but sure hope he doesn't catch anything, I'm selfish like that!

This is Floppy. Can you guess how she got that name? If I liked the chickens at all, she would be my favorite. But, I don't like them.

Thought you all might want to see where we live. Home, sweet home! I was taking this picture and didn't realize I had an audience. Look in the window on the right. Oh, she's so cute! And Aaron put that smoker (looks like an oven) out just to add to our "white trash" look. I think it's working!

There she is, peeking through the window to see what Mommy is doing! This picture goes with the picture above.

Lanny grabbed my nice, expensive camera and ran out of the house. He took this picture of the moon just coming up over the mountains. I thought he did a great job. But I did threaten him that if he dropped the camera, to not come back. He came back, so all is well!

Kel and I ran to Logan on the first. It was a dismal day, but the sun came out just long enough for us to visit my sister, Leah. Kel thought her headstone was a perfect seat. We had to leave when she started trying to sit on other peoples headstones. 

So I'm supposed to be working on Christmas gifts, but I saw this cool thing where you take your kids picture and then just paint the shadowy part. I had to try it. It was so much fun, so here are my finished products. I wanted black frames, but there were none, so I had to settle for white. Eventually, I'll probably paint them black, but I don't have the time right now.

Just so you all know, I'm at my mother-in-laws, the computer thing is still not going well. And now I'm headed home to make an eggnog will be divine! (I hope!)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday we finally had some time to try and take Louie and Kessie's birthday pictures. The weather, for here, was great, but still, I've decided that I don't like fall and winter birthdays because you freeze while taking pictures. I turned on the car and let the girls sit in there to warm up while I took the other ones picture. When  it was Kessie's turn, I knew right off I had a problem, she couldn't smile. She made a pathetic attempt at a smile, then went to an uber exaggerated smile, then to a grotesquely painful smile, to a whole body flip out. All you ladies who have ever tried to take natural looking pictures of your kids, you know what I mean. You get out the camera, you say smile, your child acts like there are twelve guns aimed at their head and you're about to yell "Fire". So, although, our pictures didn't turn out as amazing as I would have wished, my girls are still cute and I love them!

Eight...I repeat....eight...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Six...yeah, she's a dolly!

Two of my beautiful girls. They really do love each other, they just try hard not to let others know it. I curled their hair right before, can you tell? Yeah, neither can I! 


So we bought Louie a set of scriptures for her baptism. I was too cheap, thrifty to buy a scripture bag...holy cow they are expensive. So I saw a great tutorial on how to make one out of a place mat. Super, I can do that. Just one problem, I couldn't find a place mat, so I made a place mat, and then made a bag out of it. I had so much fun! I am very proud of myself so I had to share, but now I have another problem. I've lost misplaced the scriptures, so I can't give her the bag until I find the scriptures. If you happen to find them, please let me know, I would appreciate it.

Louie's House

Grandma Clark, lives in a house in front of the one where she grew up. One time when we were out visiting I looked through the front door of the old house. There, right by the front door was a pair of shoes. Not a single one, but a pair. Those shoes totally took over my thoughts and I just had to go back and take a picture of them. So, why were they left behind? Why did no one cross the yard from the new house and go back and get them? I love those shoes. So, while my Mom was here visiting, we went back, so she could watch the kids while I took a picture of the shoes. I ended up taking pictures of the whole house, around 133 pictures actually. I probably would have taken more, but it got dark. Anyways, here's a couple pics of this amazing house. I showed Grandma Clark the picture and she said, "Oh, yeah, those were Mom's shoes." Her mother, Louie, is who my Louie is named probably didn't need me to tell you that.
One of Grandma Clark's kitties. She looked so pretty camouflaged into the house.

Louie's shoes, I love them. They are so beautiful to me. They belonged to an amazing individual.

Same shoes....aaaah, they make me happy...I know, I'm weird!

I love this picture, minus some idiots camera bag in the background.

As if the shoes weren't a big enough mystery. The south side of the roof has all the nails working their way out, but only on that side. Yeah, twilight zone....but uber cool!

So what's the first thing you think of when you see that ladder? Mine was, "Who was sneaking up to steal a kiss?" Yeah, I'm a romantic.

I wish I was a better photographer and could capture what I was thinking as well as the beauty of my subjects. This picture means a lot to me. I love the history, our families history, meeting our families future, and doesn't that pink pop against the gray? There are obviously no "No Trespassing" signs, none are needed, I was right there screaming, "Don't you dare go in there, the roof will cave in and you will die!" Hey, it worked!

This cement mixer was used to pour the foundation for the new house.

Baptism Nov. 3, 2012

My Mom made the girls matching dresses! They looked darling!

Pre-baptismal font hair...pretty girl.

I was baptized in this same dress. 
Louie was baptized and we were blessed to have many of our family members here! It was a great day, although hard for me to adjust to the fact that my kids are growing up so fast. Kel also tried to get into the font. She had to be forcibly removed due to her temper tantrum at being kept out of the water!

Not So Much

So, I bet you all thought that you had gotten ridden of me. Ha, ha, ha, not so much! Aaron banned me from blogging due to my internet data usage (I'm currently at my mother-in-laws), and then, my internet got a virus or something. Hopefully, this post will work. I've tried it before, but to no avail. Lots has been going on around here. Here is our past month in twenty-seconds. Kessie's birthday...Happy Birthday, Sweetie, can you believe that she is six! I know, gasp, I'm hyperventilating too! Halloween, my whole family was able to come and visit minus my cute brother-in-law who had to stay home with new puppies, Louie was baptized (break out the paper bag again!), we went to my cousin's farewell, Lanny lost a tooth, two Thanksgiving feasts, I was named Woman of the Year (just seeing if you're paying attention), and lots more, but I can't remember it all right now...oh, the pressure! So that's what we've been up to. Here are our Halloween pics. Kessie wanted to be a peacock this year, so I made a matching outfit for Kel. Oh, yeah, they're darling, I know. I totally copied the tutu from one on the internet. And might I just add at this point, that I hate tulle, it is so statirrific! Louie decided to be Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, and I saw Lanny's costume on the internet, no....not pinterest, honestly people, I do look at other things besides pinterest! He had no choice, when I saw it, I told him that was what he was wearing. He was pretty excited that he wore it because he got so many compliments at the trunk or treat on it. Some people laughed hysterically, others wanted to award him a prize, and some said he made their night. Anyways, take a look!
Little peacocks!

My headless son, and Artemis with Wonder Woman did that happen?

Kel realized that the treat bag had candy in it. She screamed at Kessie to give it to her, and carried it around for three days, even after I'd taken the candy out!

Aaron used straight pins to attach the gloves to the plastic jar...yeah, Lanny was a bit nervous!

When Lanny actually managed to get in the suburban, that was an ordeal, his jar fell forward off his head. Now he's prepared if he gets carsick! I just love multifunctional costumes.

Heading off to the first of the cars for trunk or my little family!

I'm now a huge fan of peacock butts! Isn't this one darling?! Kel had a hard time getting more than four pieces of candy because she refused to let go of the pieces that she already had. Don't worry, Aaron jumped in and helped her grab some.