Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Booteeful Me

I think you know, but read the next blog to understand why I look lovelier than usual!

Another Visit

Yes, it's true. The Tooth Fairy made another visit to our house. Lanny lost his second tooth on Monday. He was biting into a chocolate covered waffle at school when it popped right out. He was pretty excited. He brought it home in an envelope. The Tooth Fairy (her name is Katinklebim) said she didn't mind coming back although her wings were a little tired. Lanny looks pretty darn cute with his new grin, which he likes to show off all the time, so he is grinning a lot!!!
In other news...I think Louie is finally feeling a bit better. She has been pretty sick with a high fever and headache. Turns out it is a UTI. Here is a picture of her in her new ballerina costume which she got for being such a great girl at the doctors. They did all sorts of tests, but drawing her blood was the worst. She screamed and fought, and I literally had to lay on top of her to keep her from moving, and they had to stick her twice because they didn't hit anything the first time. Yeah, in case your wondering, I was crying too and so was Kessie, she actually hid in the corner because she was so scared of what was happening to her sister. She has been very good, though, and today she hasn't needed any fever reducing meds, so I think we're making progress. I'm so relieved and happy to be getting my happy Louie back to normal!
And still in other news...Lanny won a 25 dollar gift certificate in the Winter Reading Challenge at the Library. He was pretty excited. I feel bad for the girls. All three kids sign up every year, and Lanny won a book last year, and a certificate this year. He's pretty lucky. Between the Tooth Fairy visits and the certificate, Louie has been feeling a bit picked on since she isnt' getting prizes. Lanny has been really concerned about her since she has been sick and a couple days ago she was feeling bad and Lanny said, "Don't worry Louie, you can have half of the 25 cents I won!" What a sweet boy! (Yep, I was giggling...but you probably already guessed that.)
Better write a bit about Kessie. As usual she is a cutie. She knows when I'm feeling bad and will always burst into song to make me feel better. As in, " to you..." Makes me smile everytime. Today, her and Louie painted my face, yes, I'm stunning. She got paint on her brush, looked at me, and in her tiny voice, said, "stay still Mommma!" When they were done, Louie told me I looked like a craziness, but Kessie gave me her biggest smile and said, "Booteeful!" I love the little moments in life that I am constantly blessed with! Lucky me!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Newest Addition

So here is the newest addition to my wall. It is very simple, but I love it. Okay, so the only place that anything is on the walls is in my scrapbooking room, this one is too. The saying is from Die Cuts with a View! My scraproom, for those who don't know, is black and white! Yippee, love decorating!


I know children are smart and they understand and pick up on more than adults give them credit for, but on Sunday I was blown away. When we got home from church, I asked Kessie what she had talked about in Nursery. With no hestitation whatsoever, she looked at me and smiled, "Jesus"! I was so proud of her right then. She's two, and she is amazing! Love my kids, they keep me on the right track!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Can I Choose, They're All Great Photos

I love this picture of Lanny and Aaron looking for sharks teeth, with the sunset behind them. The picture of all of us is with Aunt Shawn and Uncle Billy! Aunt Shawn is my Dad's sister.

Still, a few More


Yes, that is a real bed of nails that Lanny laid on. Too cool! We also got to see the beautifl temple in Florida!

Top 20

The kids are still asleep, so I'm trying to hurry and get some pictures up. Here, in no particular order are some of the favorites from our trip.
...the beach
...finding sharks teeth (seriously loved seeing the family effort! Way to go team!)
...meeting "the Mouse"
..."It's a Small World" ride (Grandma loved taking the kids on this)
..."Thunder Mountain" and "Splash Mountain"---Go Lanny, you brave kiddo
...the hotel swimming pools (there were three)
...Aunt Shawn and Uncle Billy's pool!
...seeing a real live alligator on our last day (well, I was excited)
...the plane ride (it tickled our tummies)
...spending time with family
...meeting Aunt Shawn and Uncle Billy (love you!)
...the sunset
...the palm trees
...the dead end structure (where electrical lines enter a substation, it was shaped like Mickey's head---this obviously was Aaron)
...Kessie's Princess balloon, it's all she wanted the whole day we were there
...cable (the kids loved watching TV)
...bag check at Epcot (This is me---they check everyone's purse or backpack, the old man there was hysterical and made me laugh, which made my day)
...Louie running free bird on the beach, she got quite upset when we said she couldn't be naked
...finding old Florida license plates (me again)
...watching Kessie and Aunt Shawn frolic
We had such a super time and have so many wonderful memories! We can't wait to go back---hint, hint, Aaron!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hangin' In There

Okay, yes, I know I'm supposed to be putting up pictures of Florida, but give me a break, how can I choose between all of the great ones. So instead I thought I'd update everyone about Lanny. He has had a loose tooth that has been hangin' in there, literally, for weeks. It was so frustrating to Aaron because he just wanted to pull it out. The tooth has been at a 45-90 degree angle for over a week. Lanny told me that it hurt today, and started to bleed so I told him that when we got home (I had just picked him up from school) that he needed to let Daddy pull it out. No way was he going to let Daddy do it. As we drove Lanny said, "Mom, my tooth came out." "No way, you kidder!" Just to prove that it was true he handed it to me. He pulled it out, because that way it wouldn't hurt, but he was sure if Daddy did it, he would be in severe pain. He is pretty excited! He told me that now the Tooth Fairy is going to visit, but she'll have to dress warm (we're having a snow storm). He's pretty proud of his new grin! Yeah, Lanny, your first tooth!!!

On a side note, I found the real person "101 Dalmations" video today and showed it to Louie and said we could watch it tonight. She was confused because she thought it was the cartoon. I tried to explain it to her and to clarify she said, "Mom, is it the one where Cruella steals the puppies with Whisper and Jock?" (Me---giggle, giggle)! I thought she was pretty smart to remember their names so closely. (For those of you who don't know Cruella's henchman's names they're Horace and Jasper---Honey, that's you!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're Back

We're back, and wow, what a fun vacation we had. The weather in Florida was a bit chilly, but seriously, compared to here, it was beautiful! As soon as I get some time I'll post pictures, but as of yet, I still haven't even unpacked completely. The biggest problem is deciding which pictures to post. I took over 300, so I did really good and didn't take as many as I usually do. Aaron still says I can't print them all out, but ha, ha, I'm the one going to Walmart today, not him!
I'll list some highlights of our trip with the pictures, but here is a funny that happened after we returned.
In our rental car we requested a GPS so that we would never get lost! Yeah, that's a laugh. It helps if you know how to use one. So we got lost several times, one of which almost made us late to the airport, but we made it. Well, at the conference that Aaron attended several companies were giving away prizes if you put your business card in a jar. I personally was hoping to win the Wii, but alas, Aaron got a call on Monday, and surprise, surprise, he won a GPS!!! Yes, now we will forevermore be getting lost while trying to figure out how to use the thing. Life tends to be a bit ironic!