Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday we finally had some time to try and take Louie and Kessie's birthday pictures. The weather, for here, was great, but still, I've decided that I don't like fall and winter birthdays because you freeze while taking pictures. I turned on the car and let the girls sit in there to warm up while I took the other ones picture. When  it was Kessie's turn, I knew right off I had a problem, she couldn't smile. She made a pathetic attempt at a smile, then went to an uber exaggerated smile, then to a grotesquely painful smile, to a whole body flip out. All you ladies who have ever tried to take natural looking pictures of your kids, you know what I mean. You get out the camera, you say smile, your child acts like there are twelve guns aimed at their head and you're about to yell "Fire". So, although, our pictures didn't turn out as amazing as I would have wished, my girls are still cute and I love them!

Eight...I repeat....eight...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Six...yeah, she's a dolly!

Two of my beautiful girls. They really do love each other, they just try hard not to let others know it. I curled their hair right before, can you tell? Yeah, neither can I! 


So we bought Louie a set of scriptures for her baptism. I was too cheap, thrifty to buy a scripture bag...holy cow they are expensive. So I saw a great tutorial on how to make one out of a place mat. Super, I can do that. Just one problem, I couldn't find a place mat, so I made a place mat, and then made a bag out of it. I had so much fun! I am very proud of myself so I had to share, but now I have another problem. I've lost misplaced the scriptures, so I can't give her the bag until I find the scriptures. If you happen to find them, please let me know, I would appreciate it.

Louie's House

Grandma Clark, lives in a house in front of the one where she grew up. One time when we were out visiting I looked through the front door of the old house. There, right by the front door was a pair of shoes. Not a single one, but a pair. Those shoes totally took over my thoughts and I just had to go back and take a picture of them. So, why were they left behind? Why did no one cross the yard from the new house and go back and get them? I love those shoes. So, while my Mom was here visiting, we went back, so she could watch the kids while I took a picture of the shoes. I ended up taking pictures of the whole house, around 133 pictures actually. I probably would have taken more, but it got dark. Anyways, here's a couple pics of this amazing house. I showed Grandma Clark the picture and she said, "Oh, yeah, those were Mom's shoes." Her mother, Louie, is who my Louie is named probably didn't need me to tell you that.
One of Grandma Clark's kitties. She looked so pretty camouflaged into the house.

Louie's shoes, I love them. They are so beautiful to me. They belonged to an amazing individual.

Same shoes....aaaah, they make me happy...I know, I'm weird!

I love this picture, minus some idiots camera bag in the background.

As if the shoes weren't a big enough mystery. The south side of the roof has all the nails working their way out, but only on that side. Yeah, twilight zone....but uber cool!

So what's the first thing you think of when you see that ladder? Mine was, "Who was sneaking up to steal a kiss?" Yeah, I'm a romantic.

I wish I was a better photographer and could capture what I was thinking as well as the beauty of my subjects. This picture means a lot to me. I love the history, our families history, meeting our families future, and doesn't that pink pop against the gray? There are obviously no "No Trespassing" signs, none are needed, I was right there screaming, "Don't you dare go in there, the roof will cave in and you will die!" Hey, it worked!

This cement mixer was used to pour the foundation for the new house.

Baptism Nov. 3, 2012

My Mom made the girls matching dresses! They looked darling!

Pre-baptismal font hair...pretty girl.

I was baptized in this same dress. 
Louie was baptized and we were blessed to have many of our family members here! It was a great day, although hard for me to adjust to the fact that my kids are growing up so fast. Kel also tried to get into the font. She had to be forcibly removed due to her temper tantrum at being kept out of the water!

Not So Much

So, I bet you all thought that you had gotten ridden of me. Ha, ha, ha, not so much! Aaron banned me from blogging due to my internet data usage (I'm currently at my mother-in-laws), and then, my internet got a virus or something. Hopefully, this post will work. I've tried it before, but to no avail. Lots has been going on around here. Here is our past month in twenty-seconds. Kessie's birthday...Happy Birthday, Sweetie, can you believe that she is six! I know, gasp, I'm hyperventilating too! Halloween, my whole family was able to come and visit minus my cute brother-in-law who had to stay home with new puppies, Louie was baptized (break out the paper bag again!), we went to my cousin's farewell, Lanny lost a tooth, two Thanksgiving feasts, I was named Woman of the Year (just seeing if you're paying attention), and lots more, but I can't remember it all right now...oh, the pressure! So that's what we've been up to. Here are our Halloween pics. Kessie wanted to be a peacock this year, so I made a matching outfit for Kel. Oh, yeah, they're darling, I know. I totally copied the tutu from one on the internet. And might I just add at this point, that I hate tulle, it is so statirrific! Louie decided to be Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, and I saw Lanny's costume on the internet, no....not pinterest, honestly people, I do look at other things besides pinterest! He had no choice, when I saw it, I told him that was what he was wearing. He was pretty excited that he wore it because he got so many compliments at the trunk or treat on it. Some people laughed hysterically, others wanted to award him a prize, and some said he made their night. Anyways, take a look!
Little peacocks!

My headless son, and Artemis with Wonder Woman did that happen?

Kel realized that the treat bag had candy in it. She screamed at Kessie to give it to her, and carried it around for three days, even after I'd taken the candy out!

Aaron used straight pins to attach the gloves to the plastic jar...yeah, Lanny was a bit nervous!

When Lanny actually managed to get in the suburban, that was an ordeal, his jar fell forward off his head. Now he's prepared if he gets carsick! I just love multifunctional costumes.

Heading off to the first of the cars for trunk or my little family!

I'm now a huge fan of peacock butts! Isn't this one darling?! Kel had a hard time getting more than four pieces of candy because she refused to let go of the pieces that she already had. Don't worry, Aaron jumped in and helped her grab some.