Sunday, May 17, 2009


So we all know the basics about Labs. They are a family friendly breed, they like to eat, they make great hunters, etc. But...did you know that...
Apparently their favorite food is cranberry-orange bagels with cream cheese. They will do anything to get one, including beg, get in your face, sit on you, or even give you a kiss, just for one bite.
When trying to eat said bagel, there is no place you can hide that they can't find you...yes, those sniffers are used for more than just pheasants. Believe me, we tried. Please see attached picture of the girls running through the meadow trying to get away, notice yellowish-white dog following close behind.
Although energetic and crazy at times, they are truly great companions, even for the young!
Hot dogs are not as loved as bagels. This was learned through hours of research, or one fishing trip, where those labs just laid there watching us eat hot dogs. They were so good, but can you blame them, I don't like hot dogs that much either.
When elderly, labs may be over weight, have trouble jumping into four-runners, and may get tired easily while walking, but as soon as you throw a stick in the lake, watch out for the lightning bolt (black lightning bolt) that streaks past you to retreive the stick.
Two labs will inevitably fight over said stick all the way back to shore and then promptly drop it and forget about it.
Labs are so lovable and a great addition to the family. (But you probably already knew that one!)

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