Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hard at Work

As if building a house, being a fishing and hunting expert, and working full time weren't enough, Aaron has been making jellies lately. We love crab apple jelly. This year and last year have been off years, but Aaron still picked (Lanny and Louie helped) some crab apples. His job has required him to work until 7 most nights and work on Friday and Saturday, but he still came home on Thursday and made us some delish jelly! I was pretty excited. Now if I can only convince him that he needs to make some homemade bread too. I'll go work on my puppy dog face right now!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Second Day of Second Grade

Okay, so if today is Lanny's second day of Second Grade, then yesterday was his first. He was really excited, and as I looked at the pictures I took I was shocked at how grown up he looks...noooooo! I know, it's all part of life, but seriously, do my children have to grow up so fast? It was so hard to walk away yesterday. He looked so small and intimidated in his chair. I was worried about how he would be when I picked him up, but he had a huge smile, was still full of energy, and said, "Mom, my teacher is really nice." I just hope that excitement lasts!
Louie was pretty excited to have Lanny go to school, because then she would have a corner on the egg collecting market. However, by 10:00, after she had gathered our two eggs, she was asking when we were going to go get Lanny. She kept asking every fifteen minutes for the rest of the day, wandering about the house and acting as if her dog had just died. Needless to say, both her and Kessie were thrilled to see Lanny after school.
One last thing. Lanny's book bag. Yes, I know it is bigger than him. He picked it because it was camouflage and that means he can also use it for hunting (smart boy). The deciding factor, however, was that the book bag seemed to be big enough to fit a turkey in. I have to agree, I think it is definitely big enough for a turkey, but if that boy puts a dead turkey in it, I'm chuckin' it and going for the pink princess bag, or anything that isn't conducive to wild game.
Happy school year to all of you who started school. As I told Lanny, this will be the best year yet!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blue Jets (Go Team)

Lanny had his first soccer game on Saturday! He was pretty nervous. The game started out great! They scored first. Then it went downhill. By the second half they were pretty much too tired to stop a goal. It's okay though, they all kept trying and I was really proud of their effort. They don't keep score at this age, so that is nice. Lanny is pretty shy on the field. We kept yelling for him to get in there and kick the ball. Plowing into other kids and stealing the ball, however, doesn't come naturally for a nice boy who always puts others ahead of himself. He did get a few good kicks in though, and even though he was tired I think he enjoyed it. I'm going to buy myself a pair of shinguards so I can practice with him, because to tell you the truth, I'm pretty shy on the field too, or I could just be scared of getting hurt. Maybe I'll make Aaron practice with him.
There were three things I realized at this game.
One, we need to practice with Lanny. Even though he did good, we are not a sports oriented family (no, fishing is not a sport, I don't care what people say). Lanny doesn't stand a chance against all the kids who have grown-up living, breathing, and encompassing themselves with sports.
Two, I need to practice yelling. By the end of the game, my throat was sore. So I figure if I practice more, I'll be able to keep up my constant roar and not have a sore throat at the end of the game. I tried it on Aaron, he thinks maybe I could just be one of those silent supporters instead.
Three, here is the biggy. I realized immediately that my camera (point and shoot) is completely inadequate to capture anything but a close-up on the sidelines. I need a camera with a telephoto lens and no shutter delay. I looked one up online...kid you not, it was 7000.00 dollars. So if you would care to contribute to the "Bri needs a new camera to get great game shots" fund feel free. Aaron said we might be able to splurge and get something nicer, but the 7000.00 dollar one is out. He can be such a Scrooge, don't you agree.
It was a fun last week of summer. Yep, Lanny starts school on Wednesday! He's pretty excited. So here's to new adventures whether they're soccer or second grade. We're loving it!
P.S. Lanny's team got the McDonald's sponsor shirts (It says the name on the back and is completely luck of the draw.) The Taco John's kids they played were pretty upset that their shirts didn't say McDonald's. I guess we're just lucky, eh?

Poisonous Bass

We went to Aaron's work party on Friday. It is at an island just south of Ft. Collins. The kids love it. They look forward to it all year and this year we actually had nice weather. They have volleyball, horseshoes, and of course the beach. The kids love to swim out to the huge water trampoline. Lanny loves all the fish in the smells that way too. They have huge catfish that you can throw food to. So here is my question? How do you go to a work party and get eaten by a fish? Lanny managed it. He was hand feeding the tiny blue gill. One nibbled at his fingers a little, but apparently had some competition. Suddenly a, as Lanny tells it, huge bass glombed onto his whole hand. Lanny lifted it out. It chewed for a minute and decided that it didn't like the taste of hand so it dropped back into the lake. Aaron was so proud that Lanny had caught a fish bare-handed. I was horrified at the scratches on his fingers. He was pretty excited. Just so you know, I think bass are poisonous. His hand is still hurting, and who would have know, because how many people are bitten by bass. It must be one of their secret offensive tactics to stun and kill prey. So glad my son could be the one to figure it out---not! Lanny is living it up though, telling his "fish story". Yesterday we had ward party. He wanted to put a band aid on his fingers because they were still hurting. Then he thought better of it. "Mom, maybe we could put the band aid on after the party. That way I could maybe tell someone about how my hand got hurt." Luckily, the people in our ward listened very intently and oohed and aahed in exactly the right places. I'm sure even more people will hear about it today at church.
Other than the fish problem, we had a great time. We all jumped on the trampoline, the girls got our faces painted, and we enjoyed seeing our friends. It was a fun time, but I'm hoping next year that there are no bass.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random, Random, Random

Here is our gigantic zucchini that Lanny wanted us to let grow. Aaron finally talked him into picking it. The kids used it as a phone until Aaron made zucchini cobbler with it. Even with the recipe calling for 8 cups of cubed zucchini, we only used half the thing. Seriously, if in your life you are only able to remember one thing remember this...One zucchini plant, only one zucchini plant!!!

This is Lanny's first soccer practice. Okay, so he's out on the field with his team, that's me and Louie and Kessie. Just loved the evening light and all the shadows. So fun to be outside! P.S. He's doing great! His first game is this Saturday...stay tuned, knowing this blogger, there will be pictures.
While camping, I usually look like death with a mudmask on, but not Kessie. She's stunning in her evening gown at any time of the day!
Before we left for the Gorge, we got to go Mini-golfing with our friends. Lanny whacked his "girlfriend" in the head with the golf club on the first hole. Yeah, should have been a warning, but actually, they all did really well. Please note what a great photographer I am. Unplanned by me, I was still able to get us all in the shot...look in the window!
Happy end of summer to all!

Flaming Gorge...Again

We just got back from another trip to the Gorge. This time we were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Johnson join us. They, however, were not so lucky. The weather was terrible. It rained and was icky, and Aaron insisted that he and Grandpa try to get the boat sunk in the white-caps. Fortunately, they weren't successful in their attempt and made it to shore safely but soaked. So what do they do, they go back out a few hours later and try again, this time with Lanny in tow. Your, no doubt, wondering why I didn't stop them. Aaron hid the rope and trying to stop a raging lunatic who only has fishing on his mind (I'm talking Lanny here) is pretty much impossible. The white-caps weren't so big the second time, but the boys soaked up the brunt of the rain with their last pair of dry clothes. No worries, they were all smiles when they got back...for all their efforts, they had two (definitely not record book) lake trout. See what I'm saying about the lunatic factor...all three have it.
On this trip, we got to drive around and explore the communities a little more. One of my life's ambitions was fulfilled when we went to Dutch John's. It's a teeny town where everyone has a river boat, but no scrapbooking store...can't move there. We also got to see the Dam and I drove over it...yes, I am a brave sort. (For those not in the know, I'm terrified of heights and bridges...and it doesn't help when the co-pilot, Karen, is describing the drop off that our car is precariously close to.) Even having to drive in places I don't like, I did enjoy the high speed chase through downtown Manila. We were waiting at the gas station for Steve and Aaron. The car isn't big enough, so we have to take two. They zoomed right past without noticing us...then Karen said three words I've waited my whole life to hear..."Follow That Car!" Oh baby. We were off. Aside from the drop-off descriptions, Karen, also tried to get me a ticket. Sixty-five in a forty zone will usually draw a cops attention. Don't worry, I didn't listen and did the speed limit, but we almost lost Grandpa...luckily he got stuck behind some slow motorcyclists. As a side note, Verizon gets noooooo reception in remote areas, however, Union Wireless gets great reception. If you plan on camping a lot get Union! (No, I don't work for them, I was just amazed when Karen's phone rang and she was actually able to talk to the person on the other end.)
Enough rambling, even with rain and cold, Aaron still caught a burbot. Lanny still caught some lakers. And we all had a great time! How's that slogan's about time!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Yep, you read that right! We have officially been married ten years. I told Aaron that most people do something big for number 10, like a cruise. Aaron knows me too well, and got me just what I wanted. I woke up and wanted a piece of chocolate. I went downstairs and to my amazement, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some Dove chocolate! Yippee, my day started out great! I told the kids that Daddy loved me and that is why he got me such a great surprise and that it was our anniversary. After that Lanny wished me "Happy Anniversary" in every other sentence for the rest of the day. He actually got quite upset because he hadn't baked me a cake. He said Daddy and him might be able to bake one on Sunday! Then he went and picked me some more flowers to go with my bouquet! Seriously, he is such a thoughtful kid, although he never did realize it was Aaron's anniversary too.
Aaron took me out for dinner and what better way to celebrate 10 great years than with our greatest blessings! I asked the waitress to take our picture...she thought we were from out of town. I told her it was our anniversary. Did you know that Old Chicago's has happy anniversary cards!?! Yep, she gave one to us, thought it was pretty nice. The meal was tasty, and the kids behaved exactly like normal. Kessie even took off her shirt and tried to order beer! Obviously, we are so lucky to have our children, they keep us laughing and young, if not a bit crazy!
I was going to list 10 reasons why I love Aaron, but honestly I can't. I just feel so blessed to have him, who could narrow it down to 10. Although he is a great liar, and still tells me I'm beautiful. Yea, I'm not letting him go anywhere!

I wanted a picture of us on our anniversary so I took one of us smiling at the camera. We do that every year, so I asked Lanny to take this shot of us instead. Not the best, I was laughing, and Lanny was pretty giddy too! Although, he did do a good job! Can't wait to see what adventures the next 10 years bring!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Aaron wanted me to post a special tribute to Goldilocks, one of our roosters. So here it goes...
Goldilocks, Goldilocks
Rooster so small
You were probably hoping to make it through fall
Goldilocks, Goldilocks
Rooster not nice
You beat up the hens way more than thrice
Goldilocks, Goldilocks
Rooster taken out of the coop
Kessie said you tasted divine in the soup!

There you go honey, it's the best I could do. Please join us in bidding farewell to our mean little rooster. Aaron and the kids made chicken noodle soup on Monday night. I went to Fort Collins...yes, I'm a wimp, but I can't eat anything that we have named and hand fed.

Breaking News...As I write this, the kids found two more petite eggs in the chicken coop...the excitement is palpable!!! That's three now!!!

Further Breaking News...After pausing to wash and put away the eggs, I came back into write this and Kessie got in the fridge, got out the eggs, dropped and broke all three!!! The tears are pretty palpable now!

There Arose Such a Clatter...

Lanny's friend came over Monday and they all wanted to go play with the chickens. Since I could see the chicken coop from my scraproom window, I told them to be careful and I would be out in a minute. I needed to order something online, I was just sitting down when all four kids started hollering. They seriously looked panicked. I ran over to the door screaming, "What's wrong!?!" "An egg! An egg!" Well this was huge news. As I might have mentioned before, I have no love for the chickens, but I was pretty excited, I grabbed my camera and ran (haven't run in a while...I was a bit worn out in the 10 paces to the coop) outside. Yep, they were right. Lanny had thought there was a rock in the coop, but it was an egg. A, let me put this correctly, petite egg. Even covered in green you-know-what, it was really pretty...I'm weird, but Aaron is weirder. Since is our first chicken egg, he wants to poke a little hole in it and drain it out and save it. Well, if it makes him happy! So, when you come to visit my house and see an ordinary brown chicken egg on my mantel, you will know how special it is, so please don't touch!