Friday, February 22, 2013


Today a great victory was won in our household. Kel took a bath!!!! I know, can you believe it? It has been months and months since she has taken one. (Yes, we clean her, but we throw her in the shower with someone and she screams until we get her out.) If you read my last post, you know that she is very afraid of water. Since we made such great progress in the pool, I thought I’d try a tubby. There was some screaming and trying to get out, but finally, after like 15 minutes, she sat down….and then she was good to go! She splashed and played with toys. She even lay down on her tummy. She laughed the entire time. The only reason she wanted to get out was because the water turned cold…go figure…it does that after a half hour. I think we’ll still have some issues, but I’m hoping tubbies will become more frequent in our home. Love that little girl and I’m so proud of her for facing her fears.

On a side note, because I think it’s cute, Kel has a few new callings in our home. She is the light turner on and offer. She loves flipping those switches. She is also my quality control. She insists on being held while I wipe off the counters. While I’m wiping, she grunts and points if I miss a spot. Between the two of us, we sometimes manage to get the kitchen clean!


Last weekend was pretty crazy. On Friday the kids and I went down to Logan to meet my Mom who has been visiting in Salt Lake City. We got a hotel room and did some shopping, eating, and the best was the swimming. I mean really, isn’t that why everyone gets a hotel? The only reason we weren’t in the pool the whole time was because we had to go shopping to get new swimsuits. I wish I could have gotten pics of the kids in the pool, but it was so steamy in there that I didn’t dare take my camera in. Kel is extremely terrified of water…as in a major phobia. I went into the pool with her and she flipped. I tried for about fifteen minutes, but to no avail. So I set her in Grandma’s lap at the edge of the pool and she splashed us and was very happy. On Saturday morning we, of course, went swimming again. I didn’t even get in my swimsuit or put Kel in hers, because why bother? Kel sat in my lap and watched her siblings having fun. Finally it was too much to take. I took her back to the room and got her swimsuit on. We got in the pool and she was thrilled! She loved it. She splashed and kicked and even let me throw her up in the air and splash back into the pool (obviously, I didn’t let her head go under). We played with a ball, and her siblings all went under and grabbed onto her legs. Forty-five minutes later I had to drag her from the pool! I was sooooo proud. It was such a fun time and we all had a great time visiting with Grandma. The only pics I got were of the girls in their new hats that Auntie Heather sent them….funny, huh, and Kel on the phone. She loves the phone! I unplugged it so she wouldn’t call anyone. Although, I hope she takes the time to call me sometime!

On Sunday we had to go to the viewing for  Grandma Helen (Aaron’s grandma on his Dad’s side). She died last Wednesday after slowly getting worse. Grandpa Bob, her husband died last April and she just hasn’t been the same without him. I think it was a blessing, and everyone is glad she is in a better place. Her funeral was on Monday, so we went to that and then Aaron took the kids snowmobiling. By the time school started on Tuesday, we were all ready to go back and return to some normalcy. I was so busy last week, and now I have nothing to do (I mean that as in nothing pressing or fun, of course, I could clean, but really, who wants to do that.) I rather like having nothing to do, a boring life…as in no drama, is the life for me!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Small Town

No pictures today, but I ran into a receipt I had from the pharmacy up here. And my first thought know you live in a small town when....

--you go to pick up medicine and you don't have to give any identification, no birthdate, no nothing!

--you can even pick up medicine for someone else and as long as you know their name that's good enough!

--the address on your prescription says, "The Old Porter House, Grover WY 83122" Really?!? Is that even legal?

Welcome to our small drivers license required!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Forget the groundhog, my prediction is six more months of winter. We've had some good snow accumulation this last week, and nice temps to go along with it. Aaron insisted that we go snowmobiling/sledding on Saturday. He said, we would sled down the hill, and then ride the snowmobiles back up the hill....yeah right, after walking up the hill three times, I was done, and it was just a teeny hill. And might I just add, that wearing a hoody isn't the best idea. The hood part collects a lot of snow on the way down the hill, and then the snow can just melt down your back for the rest of the day, exciting! Every time anyone went down the hill, they were sprayed with snow...yeah, I can see why sledding is considered so much fun...I love getting it down my shirt, up my pants, in my boots, in my gloves, in my nose and ears....I think my underwear stayed dry, but that was the only thing. Actually, even face planting in the snow, it was a good time. I could handle more days with sunshine and family time!
Lanny is driving and Kessie is hanging on for dear life! Actually, Lanny is a very conscientious driver!

Aaron swears he bought the snowmobiles for the kids, uh, can you guess the truth of who they are for?!?

Lanny is determined to conquer that hill!

Too bad, the hill won!

No really, what is up with my kids? Why do they insist on going down head first?

Can you see me? Of course you can't, I'm shredding the powder....screaming the whole way!

Kessie went half way down the hill once and then was done. Unbeknownst to me, she put on the wrong boots and her feet were cold, so she just chilled and tried to warm her tootsies in the sun.

Kel loves, loves, loves, her Daddy...and snowmobiling! She wasn't too hip on the sledding thing, though.