Saturday, May 2, 2009


Happy May!!! I can't believe it is already May, I guess I'd better start working on my New Year's Resolutions! I did go on a walk this morning with the dogs, but that is only because I was informed this week that I have high cholesterol, seriously, what a bummer... I love heavy whip cream and now I can't drink it anymore!
In other news, Lanny continued his science project yesterday. As soon as he got home from school, Aaron and him set about burning some tumbleweeds. They were wet so we didn't have a huge bonfire like last time, but we did get a lot of smoke. Lanny put his gold laced rock in a pan and in the burning cage, then they went to work. Lanny was a great helper throwing in more tumbleweeds and feeding the fire. I went out and his face was bright red, "Mom, I know that fire is really hot, because I'm really hot!" When everything was cooled down he brought in the pan. As you can see, the rock fared, except for a bit of discoloration, very well. My pan on the other hand has seen better, straighter, days. "I guess burning tumbleweeds don't get hot enough to melt gold." I said. "Yeah, we'll just have to keep trying," was Lanny's response. Oh, yippee, now I have a pyro and all for the sake of some "gold".

Here is a picture of Kessie a couple days ago. It was really cold and I told her she had to get dressed in order to go outside. She did. All by herself (notice the backwards boots.) I found her as she escaped to the great outdoors. She wasn't too thrilled that I dragged her back in and told her she needed more clothes on to go outside, although she did admit that it was a little cold out.

Lanny took the chicks to school a week ago and made a poster to teach his class about chickens. He did a really great job. He also insisted that we make them a treat. It ended up that I just took the supplies and the kids made the treats, but this is one that I made ahead of time (Idea from Family I thought they were pretty cute, and they were a big hit, but not as big as the real chicks!

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Ken and Kim Cutler said...

What a CUTE mom you are!! The title of your Blog should be Everyday Fun! We miss you guys so much!!