Sunday, March 3, 2013

Swimming in the Snow

Yesterday was an extraordinarily warm day. Like crazy warm, over 40 degrees. Aaron had checked the weather in advance and knew it would be warm so we planned a trip into Granite Hot Springs. Aaron and I haven't been there since we were dating. We were lucky enough to get to go with Aaron's brother and his family. It was so fun. We had to get up early, not the fun part, and drive for an hour and a half, but it was worth it. We snowmobiled in and then did some swimming and then some more snowmobiling. I already knew this, but the grown boys are crazy insane on snowmobiles...climbing hills, speeding, and in general showing off. We had a couple of minor accidents, and luckily no one was hurt more than a scratch or two. I'm just glad with all our craziness nothing worse happened. And when you see the pics, don't be jealous because I look so fabulous in a swimsuit!
Lanny and my nephew Logan!

These are wild and crazy fish!

Thirteen years ago when Aaron and I went in there was a lot more snow, but the kids still managed to find a patch here and there to jump in. I love Louie's face!

Here's our crew. You know us and those other good looking people are Aaron's brother Clark, Clark's wife Debbie (doesn't she have a gorgeous smile?!) and their son Logan (their other little guy stayed with Grandma since he is only seven months old).

That's my movie star baby in a swim suit. We all know her fear of water. Yeah, she screamed for ten minutes when I first put her in, then we couldn't get her out. In fact, after I had gotten her out and dressed in her snowclothes again, she walked over to the edge of the pool and layed down on her tummy and tried to back into the pool. And don't think because she ended up having a great time swimming that she wanted to get in the tub this morning...yeah, another fight.

Lanny was trying to drown me...we acted like we liked each other for the camera and then he tried to drown me again.

I had a little girl ask me why I wore my shirt into the pool. I didn't want to explain that I didn't want to make people sick, so I told her I was trying to stay warm. She accepted that answer!

If you look in the background, you can see the falls. It was soooo pretty!

You all know what swimming does to little ones. Kel was out within ten minutes of leaving the pool. Here she is resting happily while the boys climbed some hills.

While the boys climbed, we putted around on the flat. Kessie tried her hand at driving. She did pretty good!

Lanny in the front and Logan in the back. These two take after their fathers and are insane, but what a team they make!

Literacy Week

Just wanted you all to know that last week was literacy week at the girls school. They had pajama day, crazy hair day, and wait for it....Fake Injury Day. Um, yeah, I thought those exact thoughts!