Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kissing Sheep

Apparently Aaron thinks that we have to partake in all of the "country" living experiences. Mutton bustin' was on Saturday. We got up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning to run over and sign Kessie up. We watched a few web videos on Grandma's computer the night before to prepare her. She was ready. I was so nervous for her. They tie a rope around the sheeps chest for the kids to hold onto. All...and I mean all of the kids sat up straight and held onto the rope. Not Kessie, she lowered her center of gravity and grabbed on around the sheeps neck. When she came out of the chute, the crowd laughed so hard. But she rode her, she held on and rode the longest of any of the kids I saw. When I looked at the pictures I couldn't tell if she was kissing the sheep, or whispering sweet nothings in her ear. I'll let you decide...

You all know that I have no clue how to turn this picture, but just look at that that not a Kessie face? I was cheering as she walked away, and she rolled her eyes at me!


So Aaron convinced Louie that she would have a blast riding a calf. After all, he did it when he was young, therefore it must be a brilliant idea, right! Of course, after we had signed her up and were walking over to the chutes, he has the nerve to say,"Wow, those are some big calves!" Not really what I wanted to hear. Before you see the pictures, I want you all to know that I love my child, and child is a smart girl...she said she's never doing it again!
Louie was so happy, and excited while she waited. She got a little nervous once they had loaded the calves into the chutes, but she persevered.
There were so many calves that the young men helping had to kick and prod, just to get them moving, Not Louie's, her calf came out of the chute with it's hooves on fire!

After the ride, the kids all turn in their numbers and get two dollars. We told Louie to go get her prize money. Her response was, "It's only two dollars!" I agree, for risking life and limb, she should have gotten a bit more....we did buy her a snow cone!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bare-Handed Fishing

Here's a pic of my insane, I mean, wonderful children who had just each caught a fish with their hands. It's called a fish scramble. They put sandbags up and fill a small parking lot with water and then throw in some live fish. I'm told, by Lanny, that these were brown trout. Then according to age, they let each group of kids in to try to catch a fish. The girls were pretty timid, Kessie had a little help from one of the ladies that was in charge, but Lanny, well, I'm sure you already know. When it was his age groups turn, he was in there and on his hands and knees after those fish. He finally pinned one to the ground and my camera card alerted me that it was full....yeah, I had a few choice words. They had a great time and can't wait to do it again. And now our house gets to smell like frying fish...not too excited about that one.

And....We're Back!

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging! Let me preface my return to the blogisphere by saying my posts will not be regular, they will probably not make sense, and there will be no chronological order. In my world, anything goes, so don't worry if I don't post for a while, say, like two years. We like to keep things exciting so one day there will be cute pictures and then I'll keep you guessing as to when the next pictures will be posted. Why, you may ask, have I suddenly decided to start blogging again. Well, I decided it was time to introduce some of you to our newest angel. Keladry Hope Johnson arrived on July 21, 2011....yes, you read that right, a whole year ago. She just celebrated her one year birthday! Happy Birthday sweet girl! Here is my sweet angel....
And here she is now....
She is such a delight. She is into everything and loves to laugh. Her brother and sisters are her best friends, she always lights up when she sees them. She waves bye-bye, just said, "Ma-Ma!" (yippppeeee!) and in general makes every day a joy!
In other news, we've moved, we now live in Star Valley. We're pretty excited, the girls are already getting super on horseback and Lanny keeps my fridge stocked with fresh fish! If you know me, that really isn't a great thing, but that makes him happy. In the few weeks that we've lived here, we've swam in the river, caught planter fish with our bare hands, enjoyed snowcones (that is a huge joy for me) and Lanny brought home a leech last night on his foot. He was mad because I wouldn't let him keep it for bait. Go figure! Oh, yeah, and skunks visit our house every night, can I hear a whooot, whooot!