Monday, November 30, 2009

Perfect Princesses

Here are a couple shots of the girls party. We had a princess theme, shocker. They got to dress up and we did make-up and nails. Someone also stole Cinderella's slipper and so they had to go on a hunt for that. My favorite part was when Lanny asked me to buy him a wig so that he would fit in and be able to play the games too. No, I didn't buy him one, and he played the games anyway! I think it went well. The biggest hit was the cake. My sweet neighbor made it. When she brought it over a few days before the party the girls were squealing with delight. It was all I could do to keep them from eating it. Every time Kessie got a prize for something she would ask for cake. It did make it to the day of the birthday party, but we cut into it pretty quick!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too Cute!

I'll post pictures of the girls' birthday party a little later, but I wanted to quickly write a few "cuties" that my kids have said or done. First, the kids have really been into playing "name that tune". One of them will hum a few notes and then have the other two try to guess what song it is. They were doing this at the breakfast table the other day and Kessie looked at me and said, "We will rock you! What's dat one, Mom?" I tried to pause for a moment and look contemplative, before my face lit up and I beamed, "We will, we will, rock you!" "You right!!!" Kessie exclaimed! Man am I good at this game. This is the only song that she ever does, so even though the first time I guessed the song it was extremely hard to figure out, it has since gotten a bit easier.
Next, please note the picture, (wow, that was a pun!). For the past few weeks Lanny has been obsessed with getting strong. He wants to become strong enough to lift a house. He has repeatedly asked me how to go about such a daunting task. I tell him he has to eat healthy, exercise, and lift weights. He keeps waiting for me to exercise with him, which, big shocker, never happens. So Sunday he took matters into his own hands. I heard some thumping upstairs and went up to investigate. Lanny was running back and forth, up and down the hallway. In the middle of the floor was this note that he wrote for himself.
Get Strong
Lift Weights
Take a Walk and Jog
He put it on a little note holder that he made out of wood and a nail. It now is on his headboard. He is determined. I know he will succeed. If you see someone who looks like the governor of California in Cheyenne, it's just Lanny!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not Enough

If you thought that this was my blog, you were wrong. Apparently, I didn't put enough views of the boat up, so Aaron asked me to put a few more up. I would like to fill my blog with butterflies and flowers, instead there are boats and fish, but alas, I love what my family loves. So without further ado...

Sketch Challenge

I love this blog called Sketchy Thursdays. They have a lot of fun...sketches, of course, on it. Here is the picture I posted earlier of Grandpa and Kessie. I tried some glimmer mist on this one for the first time. Not sure that I like how it turned out, but I still love the picture. For other sketches, you can go to
P.S. Here's a quiz for everyone. What books are each author known for?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Two Boats?!?

Yep, it's true. Aaron got us another boat. Apparently he is now taking after the outdoor writer Patrick McManus who claims a man needs at least eight. We're well on our way. This boat is a pleasure boat, whereas the other one is a fishing boat. The kids are pretty thrilled. There is a place in the front to go in and lie down, if you're not claustrophobic, which I am. And according to Aaron, you can take the cushions out of the front and there is a hole you can use as a toilet. Yippee, a boat with a bathroom, we're set! I won't say much more, I'm too overcome with joy, but I can't wait for this summer when behind our truck we are pulling our trailer and not one but two that legal?

I'd Send It If I Could...

No, I haven't converted. I still don't shall we say, fully appreciate BYU, but I had to post this picture for Uncle George. So here's to you George, a BYU cake, that is way bigger than it needs to be. I'd send it to you, but I can't afford the shipping and handling. The BYU football team and coaches gave a fireside out here this last weekend. A man in our ward made the cakes. There were three huge ones apparently, and they only ate a small corner of one, so they had to find a home for the partially eaten cake. And...because we are cool, okay it's because the missionaries live with us, they brought it home for us (after giving some to other families in the ward). Elder Crawford told Louie that the frosting would turn her teeth blue and so that has been her goal all day. She has done nothing but eat frosting...gag! And yes, her whole mouth was sufficiently blue. Kessie went for the green look. Don't know how we're going to eat the rest of it...seriously, it's huge, but we'll give it our best effort!!!
Cheers George...too bad BYU isn't as good as this cake!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Hallowe...I mean Birthday!

That's right, another birthday! Kessie is now my big, okay so she's still pretty little, three-year-old! She now is old enough to understand about birthdays, and she was so cute telling everyone, stranger, friend, telephone solicitor, that it was her "burday". She would proudly hold up two fingers and say, "I free!" Seriously, so cute! Our neighbors came trick-or-treating last night and we told them it was her birthday, they broke into song, a fantastic "Happy Birthday to You" was so sweet of them. When I asked Kessie what kind-of treat she wanted for her birthday she said, "cupcakes and lemonade", so we made cupcakes, but have yet to have the lemonade, or even blow out the candles. I don't feel too bad about that, seeing as how we've been singing "Happy Birthday" to her since Louie's birthday, and she's blown out candles on her muffins for a month now. She insists on a lit candle every time we have muffins...and she insists we sing as well. (Lanny got his birthday candles on a muffin, thus Kessie's tradition was born.) I wish everyday was my three-year-olds birthday. She's still so innocent and everything is joyous and exciting for her. Happy Birthday, Kessie...we love you!!!

Prepare for the Scare

WARNING: Due to it's scary nature some images might not be suitable for all viewers. I.E. we look pretty scary so be prepared!!!
Lanny decided he wanted to be a goblin for Halloween! Well great, but I have no idea what a goblin looks like so I asked him. "You know, Mom, they're green with long noses and bumps, and pointy ears...and naked!" Don't know if my son wants to become an exhibitionist, but I told him he could be one, only he couldn't be naked! Louie wanted to be a pumpkin, and Kessie wanted to be a princess. As I was buying make-up for Lanny's costume, the girls changed their minds. Suddenly a goblin was "the" thing to be. So okay! I have three scary goblins on my hands. I dyed the long underwear, and Kessie was showing it to Louie the morning after I did it and said, "Look, Louie, Mommy cooked our costumes!" (It requires a boiling process---I don't recommend it!) Kessie was so excited. As I got them ready for trick-or-treating last night, they had no thoughts of candy....seriously! All they wanted to do was scare people...because to them, they were terrifying. I kept telling them to growl when our neighbors opened the door, but they were afraid they actually might scare someone, so they stuck with the safe and un-scary "Trick-or-Treat". No one had a heart attack, so I guess they calmed the neighbors fears! I know I'm their mom, but they were so cute trying to be all fierce. Especially with their make-up, their eyes just glowed! There's something so exciting about dressing up and Halloween, it's so contagious! I didn't dress up, but definitely loved showing off my terrifyingly cute kids.

P.S. After I finished Kessie's make-up, she looked in the mirror. As she did so, I started to scream because she was so scary. She got a huge grin on her face and said, "Mommy, it's just me!" With that voice how could I mistrust a green-faced goblin!