Friday, May 15, 2009

Halfway to 70!

Yep, sorry honey, but I just have to tell everyone that you are now 35! Yesterday was Aaron's birthday, and as you can tell by one of the pictures, he celebrated by going fishing. He got up at 4:15am or something insane like that, and went fishing. He caught a few brook trout that he was excited about (Lanny and him ate them for breakfast this morning.)
Lanny was really upset thinking that I would bake Daddy's birthday cake without him, so he came up with the brilliant idea for each of us to make our own cake for Daddy. This you can also see in the pictures, Daddy got three birthday cakes, well actually, an almond breakfast cake from Lanny, a brownie cream cheese pie from Louie, and Kessie and I made him the old standby-a coconut bundt cake! (Yeah, I'm not doing so great on the whole keeping my cholesterol down, I think I've eaten a whole cake in the last 24 hours.) When Lanny realized that we didn't have enough candles, he brilliantly, well, I thought it was clever, put a "3" candle on the cake he made surrounded by five small candles---thus, 35. Yeah he's smarter than me, I just randomly stuck candles in.
The sign in the pictures, Lanny made to hang on the door while the kids made Aaron his presents. Thought it was pretty cute! Lanny gave Aaron a hand-painted treasure box, Louie gave him a painted box filled with Hugs and Kisses and her and Kessie put two fake flowers in it. Kessie got him a balloon! We did get him two balloons, but one flew away. Kessie was really upset and cried huge tears, "My Bubble, my bubble, it flew away!"
I think Aaron had a fairly good birthday. My favorite part was hearing all the little voices, over and over again, wishing him a Happy Birthday! He might not have gotten a new car, but he did get a lot of real hugs and kisses and a lot of love from his adoring family.
We love you Daddy, Happy Birthday!
The close up of Kessie shows the pure delight as she first sights in on the chocolate hugs and kisses!

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