Wednesday, August 5, 2009

There Arose Such a Clatter...

Lanny's friend came over Monday and they all wanted to go play with the chickens. Since I could see the chicken coop from my scraproom window, I told them to be careful and I would be out in a minute. I needed to order something online, I was just sitting down when all four kids started hollering. They seriously looked panicked. I ran over to the door screaming, "What's wrong!?!" "An egg! An egg!" Well this was huge news. As I might have mentioned before, I have no love for the chickens, but I was pretty excited, I grabbed my camera and ran (haven't run in a while...I was a bit worn out in the 10 paces to the coop) outside. Yep, they were right. Lanny had thought there was a rock in the coop, but it was an egg. A, let me put this correctly, petite egg. Even covered in green you-know-what, it was really pretty...I'm weird, but Aaron is weirder. Since is our first chicken egg, he wants to poke a little hole in it and drain it out and save it. Well, if it makes him happy! So, when you come to visit my house and see an ordinary brown chicken egg on my mantel, you will know how special it is, so please don't touch!

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