Sunday, August 23, 2009

Poisonous Bass

We went to Aaron's work party on Friday. It is at an island just south of Ft. Collins. The kids love it. They look forward to it all year and this year we actually had nice weather. They have volleyball, horseshoes, and of course the beach. The kids love to swim out to the huge water trampoline. Lanny loves all the fish in the smells that way too. They have huge catfish that you can throw food to. So here is my question? How do you go to a work party and get eaten by a fish? Lanny managed it. He was hand feeding the tiny blue gill. One nibbled at his fingers a little, but apparently had some competition. Suddenly a, as Lanny tells it, huge bass glombed onto his whole hand. Lanny lifted it out. It chewed for a minute and decided that it didn't like the taste of hand so it dropped back into the lake. Aaron was so proud that Lanny had caught a fish bare-handed. I was horrified at the scratches on his fingers. He was pretty excited. Just so you know, I think bass are poisonous. His hand is still hurting, and who would have know, because how many people are bitten by bass. It must be one of their secret offensive tactics to stun and kill prey. So glad my son could be the one to figure it out---not! Lanny is living it up though, telling his "fish story". Yesterday we had ward party. He wanted to put a band aid on his fingers because they were still hurting. Then he thought better of it. "Mom, maybe we could put the band aid on after the party. That way I could maybe tell someone about how my hand got hurt." Luckily, the people in our ward listened very intently and oohed and aahed in exactly the right places. I'm sure even more people will hear about it today at church.
Other than the fish problem, we had a great time. We all jumped on the trampoline, the girls got our faces painted, and we enjoyed seeing our friends. It was a fun time, but I'm hoping next year that there are no bass.

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