Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Aaron wanted me to post a special tribute to Goldilocks, one of our roosters. So here it goes...
Goldilocks, Goldilocks
Rooster so small
You were probably hoping to make it through fall
Goldilocks, Goldilocks
Rooster not nice
You beat up the hens way more than thrice
Goldilocks, Goldilocks
Rooster taken out of the coop
Kessie said you tasted divine in the soup!

There you go honey, it's the best I could do. Please join us in bidding farewell to our mean little rooster. Aaron and the kids made chicken noodle soup on Monday night. I went to Fort Collins...yes, I'm a wimp, but I can't eat anything that we have named and hand fed.

Breaking News...As I write this, the kids found two more petite eggs in the chicken coop...the excitement is palpable!!! That's three now!!!

Further Breaking News...After pausing to wash and put away the eggs, I came back into write this and Kessie got in the fridge, got out the eggs, dropped and broke all three!!! The tears are pretty palpable now!

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Marti said...

That poem is hilarious!!!! You are so funny! Too bad about the eggs breaking - maybe next time you can hide them. Like Easter, except in the fridge.