Thursday, August 27, 2009

Second Day of Second Grade

Okay, so if today is Lanny's second day of Second Grade, then yesterday was his first. He was really excited, and as I looked at the pictures I took I was shocked at how grown up he looks...noooooo! I know, it's all part of life, but seriously, do my children have to grow up so fast? It was so hard to walk away yesterday. He looked so small and intimidated in his chair. I was worried about how he would be when I picked him up, but he had a huge smile, was still full of energy, and said, "Mom, my teacher is really nice." I just hope that excitement lasts!
Louie was pretty excited to have Lanny go to school, because then she would have a corner on the egg collecting market. However, by 10:00, after she had gathered our two eggs, she was asking when we were going to go get Lanny. She kept asking every fifteen minutes for the rest of the day, wandering about the house and acting as if her dog had just died. Needless to say, both her and Kessie were thrilled to see Lanny after school.
One last thing. Lanny's book bag. Yes, I know it is bigger than him. He picked it because it was camouflage and that means he can also use it for hunting (smart boy). The deciding factor, however, was that the book bag seemed to be big enough to fit a turkey in. I have to agree, I think it is definitely big enough for a turkey, but if that boy puts a dead turkey in it, I'm chuckin' it and going for the pink princess bag, or anything that isn't conducive to wild game.
Happy school year to all of you who started school. As I told Lanny, this will be the best year yet!

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