Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blue Jets (Go Team)

Lanny had his first soccer game on Saturday! He was pretty nervous. The game started out great! They scored first. Then it went downhill. By the second half they were pretty much too tired to stop a goal. It's okay though, they all kept trying and I was really proud of their effort. They don't keep score at this age, so that is nice. Lanny is pretty shy on the field. We kept yelling for him to get in there and kick the ball. Plowing into other kids and stealing the ball, however, doesn't come naturally for a nice boy who always puts others ahead of himself. He did get a few good kicks in though, and even though he was tired I think he enjoyed it. I'm going to buy myself a pair of shinguards so I can practice with him, because to tell you the truth, I'm pretty shy on the field too, or I could just be scared of getting hurt. Maybe I'll make Aaron practice with him.
There were three things I realized at this game.
One, we need to practice with Lanny. Even though he did good, we are not a sports oriented family (no, fishing is not a sport, I don't care what people say). Lanny doesn't stand a chance against all the kids who have grown-up living, breathing, and encompassing themselves with sports.
Two, I need to practice yelling. By the end of the game, my throat was sore. So I figure if I practice more, I'll be able to keep up my constant roar and not have a sore throat at the end of the game. I tried it on Aaron, he thinks maybe I could just be one of those silent supporters instead.
Three, here is the biggy. I realized immediately that my camera (point and shoot) is completely inadequate to capture anything but a close-up on the sidelines. I need a camera with a telephoto lens and no shutter delay. I looked one up online...kid you not, it was 7000.00 dollars. So if you would care to contribute to the "Bri needs a new camera to get great game shots" fund feel free. Aaron said we might be able to splurge and get something nicer, but the 7000.00 dollar one is out. He can be such a Scrooge, don't you agree.
It was a fun last week of summer. Yep, Lanny starts school on Wednesday! He's pretty excited. So here's to new adventures whether they're soccer or second grade. We're loving it!
P.S. Lanny's team got the McDonald's sponsor shirts (It says the name on the back and is completely luck of the draw.) The Taco John's kids they played were pretty upset that their shirts didn't say McDonald's. I guess we're just lucky, eh?

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