Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And the Winner Is...

So here is the winning entry for our favorite vacation photo. It was taken by Scotty T. Aaron's long-time friend. Little did we know that Scotty had such a flare for photography and also such great timing.
Aaron and Lanny were posing with a fish, there's a shocker, when Louie suddenly said,"Oh I see how this works!" She, of course, reached out to play with the down-rigger (which in her mind she knew how to run) and promptly dumped the whole thing into 150 feet of water. Scotty snapped the picture and forever captured Aaron's horrified expression at seeing his birthday present for Clark go over the edge. Louie was extremely upset, and Aaron handled it very calmly...or so he said. Don't cry though, Clark might not have gotten a birthday present, but Aaron has two more down-riggers...thus I didn't lose too much sleep over it. But I do love the picture. Clarky gets a framed, signed copy for his birthday instead!

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