Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random, Random, Random

Here is our gigantic zucchini that Lanny wanted us to let grow. Aaron finally talked him into picking it. The kids used it as a phone until Aaron made zucchini cobbler with it. Even with the recipe calling for 8 cups of cubed zucchini, we only used half the thing. Seriously, if in your life you are only able to remember one thing remember this...One zucchini plant, only one zucchini plant!!!

This is Lanny's first soccer practice. Okay, so he's out on the field with his team, that's me and Louie and Kessie. Just loved the evening light and all the shadows. So fun to be outside! P.S. He's doing great! His first game is this Saturday...stay tuned, knowing this blogger, there will be pictures.
While camping, I usually look like death with a mudmask on, but not Kessie. She's stunning in her evening gown at any time of the day!
Before we left for the Gorge, we got to go Mini-golfing with our friends. Lanny whacked his "girlfriend" in the head with the golf club on the first hole. Yeah, should have been a warning, but actually, they all did really well. Please note what a great photographer I am. Unplanned by me, I was still able to get us all in the shot...look in the window!
Happy end of summer to all!

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