Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flaming Gorge...Again

We just got back from another trip to the Gorge. This time we were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Johnson join us. They, however, were not so lucky. The weather was terrible. It rained and was icky, and Aaron insisted that he and Grandpa try to get the boat sunk in the white-caps. Fortunately, they weren't successful in their attempt and made it to shore safely but soaked. So what do they do, they go back out a few hours later and try again, this time with Lanny in tow. Your, no doubt, wondering why I didn't stop them. Aaron hid the rope and trying to stop a raging lunatic who only has fishing on his mind (I'm talking Lanny here) is pretty much impossible. The white-caps weren't so big the second time, but the boys soaked up the brunt of the rain with their last pair of dry clothes. No worries, they were all smiles when they got back...for all their efforts, they had two (definitely not record book) lake trout. See what I'm saying about the lunatic factor...all three have it.
On this trip, we got to drive around and explore the communities a little more. One of my life's ambitions was fulfilled when we went to Dutch John's. It's a teeny town where everyone has a river boat, but no scrapbooking store...can't move there. We also got to see the Dam and I drove over it...yes, I am a brave sort. (For those not in the know, I'm terrified of heights and bridges...and it doesn't help when the co-pilot, Karen, is describing the drop off that our car is precariously close to.) Even having to drive in places I don't like, I did enjoy the high speed chase through downtown Manila. We were waiting at the gas station for Steve and Aaron. The car isn't big enough, so we have to take two. They zoomed right past without noticing us...then Karen said three words I've waited my whole life to hear..."Follow That Car!" Oh baby. We were off. Aside from the drop-off descriptions, Karen, also tried to get me a ticket. Sixty-five in a forty zone will usually draw a cops attention. Don't worry, I didn't listen and did the speed limit, but we almost lost Grandpa...luckily he got stuck behind some slow motorcyclists. As a side note, Verizon gets noooooo reception in remote areas, however, Union Wireless gets great reception. If you plan on camping a lot get Union! (No, I don't work for them, I was just amazed when Karen's phone rang and she was actually able to talk to the person on the other end.)
Enough rambling, even with rain and cold, Aaron still caught a burbot. Lanny still caught some lakers. And we all had a great time! How's that slogan's about time!

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