Saturday, August 8, 2009


Yep, you read that right! We have officially been married ten years. I told Aaron that most people do something big for number 10, like a cruise. Aaron knows me too well, and got me just what I wanted. I woke up and wanted a piece of chocolate. I went downstairs and to my amazement, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some Dove chocolate! Yippee, my day started out great! I told the kids that Daddy loved me and that is why he got me such a great surprise and that it was our anniversary. After that Lanny wished me "Happy Anniversary" in every other sentence for the rest of the day. He actually got quite upset because he hadn't baked me a cake. He said Daddy and him might be able to bake one on Sunday! Then he went and picked me some more flowers to go with my bouquet! Seriously, he is such a thoughtful kid, although he never did realize it was Aaron's anniversary too.
Aaron took me out for dinner and what better way to celebrate 10 great years than with our greatest blessings! I asked the waitress to take our picture...she thought we were from out of town. I told her it was our anniversary. Did you know that Old Chicago's has happy anniversary cards!?! Yep, she gave one to us, thought it was pretty nice. The meal was tasty, and the kids behaved exactly like normal. Kessie even took off her shirt and tried to order beer! Obviously, we are so lucky to have our children, they keep us laughing and young, if not a bit crazy!
I was going to list 10 reasons why I love Aaron, but honestly I can't. I just feel so blessed to have him, who could narrow it down to 10. Although he is a great liar, and still tells me I'm beautiful. Yea, I'm not letting him go anywhere!

I wanted a picture of us on our anniversary so I took one of us smiling at the camera. We do that every year, so I asked Lanny to take this shot of us instead. Not the best, I was laughing, and Lanny was pretty giddy too! Although, he did do a good job! Can't wait to see what adventures the next 10 years bring!


Ken and Kim Cutler said...

How fun! You guys are so cute! Congrats!

Marti said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Your anniversaries sound like ours - dinner out with the kidlets. ;oD . Next year, call me and they can hang out here with us while you go out on a real date!