Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So we're all feeling better, that stomach flu sure takes a toll. So I don't know if I mentioned the bat. A couple of weeks ago Lanny came into my bedroom and told me there was a bat in the kitchen window. I hardi-har-hard and told him I wasn't stupid and that I wasn't falling for his trick. He was adamant and continued to try to coax me into the kitchen. Aaron wouldn't go in either. Lanny had a huge dorky grin on his face, I mean really, was I suppose to believe his story was for real? Finally, since he wasn't about to leave us alone, I walked into the kitchen. I actually didn't get in the whole way before I flipped out at the sight of a small bat clinging to the window frame. My squeals convinced Aaron that the bat was real and he came running in. It sure was a squeaky little thing and not at all convinced that it wanted to be caught and tossed out. This of course, I heard from the safety of the bedroom, door closed, eyes closed, etc. Well, I thought we were done with bats until last night when we were listening to Fablehaven (fabulous books, we're on the third one (I've read them all before)...check them out...no Brandon Mull is not paying me for this endorsement...but he should be!). Anyways, Lanny mentioned how he was watching a bat swoop in and eat moths just outside the window. Once again, I immediately believed him, okay, not so much. You'd think I'd learn. So to prove himself, we all walked over and stared out the window. The moths were flitting in corners, attracted to our inside light. Suddenly, a larger flying object woooshed by. I told Lanny it was a big moth. Then the "big moth" flew straight at the window...thump! Yeah, I'm glad I had an extra pair of underwear near-by. Have I mentioned that I don't like bats, at all, for any reason. I used to think they were cute, in an extremely ugly kind of way. Now, that we cohabitate in the same house, I've decided they aren't cute, they are freaky. I'm just waiting for the werewolves to show up.
My cute friend Marla and her family came to visit us on Friday. We were sick, and I wasn't even dressed, but seriously, I'm always asleep or in my p.j.'s when Marla comes to visit, so I don't think it was really a shock to her. We had a fun chat and they continued on to a family reunion. Immediately upon their exit I started to cry and told Aaron I wanted to move home. I miss my friends. It was so good to see the Muirbrooks, but made me sad because I used to see them all the time. So please, if you're in the area, come visit, but I might cry, and I'll probably be in my p.j.'s, but still, please come. But wait.....what am I saying, I've decided I'm moving! Yesterday, I went to get a snow cone, only to find that they had closed for the season...yeah, I cried. You think I'm kidding, I'm not, it was very traumatic for me...don't know what I'm going to do with out my lemon-lime snow cones. The lady who owns the snow cone shack is in my ward, so I might have to start stalking her! Wish me luck!
In other news, I wanted to show everyone my table. I got it for 5 bucks at Meals on Wheels. I finally got around to sanding and painting it. I matched it to some pretty pillows I bought at Hobby Lobby before we moved. I love the bright color, it cheers up the living room. And yes, I sanded it, so the dings and knicks are on purpose. I figured, the kids would do it sooner or later, so I just got it over with.
The kids start school next week, so you'll all get to see pics of the first day soon...I can't believe it. The summer is over, but that's okay, a new adventure awaits!

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