Monday, August 6, 2012

Walk/Trot Competition

Louie particitpated in the walk/trot class. I was seriously so nervous. She was the first one through the gate and as soon as she got in, Wendell tried to turn and go back out. Yikes! She got him turned around, and he did it again. I honestly thought she would burst into tears and give up, but she stuck with it, got him turned around again and started him off into the arena. There were 5 kids out there. Even to a novice like me, I could tell how well trained Wendell was compared to the other horses. The judge had the kids walk their horses, turn them and go the other way, trot them, and stop them. Louie did fabulous, and even though Wendell and I have a history (he tried to kill me a few years back) he did great too. He listened to Louie, and she looked so amazing up in the saddle. She didn't even act nervous. They usually give out 6 ribbons, and since there were only five kids competing, I quickly did the math in my head and came to the conclusion that no matter what, she would get a ribbon. They started announcing the places, Louie had stopped with her back towards me, so I just kept staring at her number 196. When they announced the second place child, I burst into tears, because my Louie had won. Not that I can take any credit, because it was her and Wendell and Grandma that had worked so hard, but I was so proud. She's only been riding for two weeks and didn't anticipate the amount of effort and time that showing horses takes, but she stuck with it. She is already gearing up for next year! I thought now that the fair is over we would take a break from riding, but no, first thing this morning, Kes and Louie asked if they could ride. Oh well, I guess it's in their blood!

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