Monday, August 6, 2012

Wild and Free

Although I'm not a horse person, I do love to watch my mother-in-law ride. She is so comfortable on a horse, and makes it look so easy. I would love to go dashing across the meadow on the back of a horse, but unfortunately, I usually manage to fall of at a brisk walk....oh well. She showed in the free style competition. This is where you can dress you and your horse as crazy as you want, you pick your own music, and make up your own pattern (as long as you still have required moves in your pattern). She did her routine to "Knee Deep", or whatever it is called, thus Wendell T. is covered in the ocean. She did awesome, and even with them messing up her music, took second. She trains her own horses, and she has done a fantastic job with all of them. The girls loved the dolphin painted on Wendell's rump, yeah, she paints too....if we didn't love her so much, we'd have to hate her because she is so uber talented!

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