Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Elbow

Eating lunch in the rain.
Aaron took Lanny scouting for his ram this weekend...more on that later, so the girls went up the canyon. Snake River Canyon is between Star Valley and Jackson. Kessie and I got to drive through it to go to the hospital, she was out of it, and I was a bit too worried to enjoy the beautiful canyon. So I wanted to take the kids back up there to see how pretty it is. We went up to a place in the canyon called "The Elbow". It is a boat ramp and so the kids were able to go right up to the river. I told them not to get in, so they immediately got in. They were having a blast wading up and down the bank. I took off Kel's socks so she could stick her feet in the water. But noooo, that wasn't good enough, soon her pants were off and then her diaper. I tucked the bottom of her onesie up into the collar. She thoroughly enjoyed splashing and sitting in the river.  Kessie realized there were baby fishies all over and so she decided her mission was to catch one. That proved a bit more difficult than Kessie expected. I promised I'd help her after lunch. So we took a plastic bag down and after a few failed attempts we were extremely surprised when we finally caught one. Kessie was super  excited to tell Lanny, since he is the minnow catching king. We only stayed for a short time, but it was super fun and a nice break.

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