Sunday, August 19, 2012


So, although I am not a great blogger, I do love to read other peoples blogs. The ones I read the most focus on crafts or cooking, etc. Recently I tried a couple recipes that were nummy so I thought I would share them with you. Grandpa Steve, Aaron's father, loves sweets. He also loves potato chips, so when I saw a recipe that called for potato chips in cookies, I had to try it. We made them and then Lanny bribed Grandpa into taking him fishing if he wanted one of the "special cookies" we'd made for him. I thought they were really good, but the best part was the look on people's faces when we told them they had potato chips in them....priceless! So go to Landee See, Landee Do to get the recipe, and yes, this is a link you can click on.
The other recipe was a must for me. Aaron took me to a mexican restaurant in Cheyenne that had great food. The best part, however, yep you guessed it, was the dessert. My favorite was the cheesecake wrapped in tortillas and served with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Seeing as how I won't be getting that dessert in time soon (read that as never) I wanted to see if I could make it. There was a very simple recipe on Dishing with Leslie, so I tried it! (Yes, click on this link as well!) Yeah. Lanny started yelling through mouthfuls, "What is this stuff? Forget cake, I want this for my birthday!!!" It only makes a few, I managed to squeeze six burritos out of the recipe, but that wasn't enough for my family. Next time I'm doubling the recipe, so that would be in like 20 seconds, because writing about them is making me uber hungry!
Even though this post has no pictures, try these recipes, their yumminess makes up for the lack of photos!

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