Monday, August 6, 2012

Fair Week

So the fair just got over, and I'm tired. I didn't even do anything but eat snow cones, and I need a nap! The kids decided they wanted to enter a few things. Lanny entered a pencil drawing and two flies that he tied. He got a first and third on his flies and a third on his drawing. Louie entered a pencil drawing and some cookies. She got a second on her drawing and a first on her cookies. Kessie entered a pencil drawing and cookies also. She got a second on her drawing and a best of show for her cookies...she was so excited about the huge ribbon for best of show. Also, the money they pay out was a huge surprise and plus for the kids. They have decided that they are entering every category next year! (I bet you can picture how excited I am about that!) The girls also showed horses on Thursday. They decided they wanted to and so Grandma has been working really hard with them almost every day for a little over two weeks to get them ready. Kessie showed in lead line and Louie showed in walk/trot. Lead line is where the child still tells the horse what to do, but they have an adult that "leads" the horse in case any thing goes crazy. After two weeks of practice, Kessie has decided that she doesn't need any help, she now tells Grandma to turn her loose on her own. Grandma and the girls got all gussied up and lookin pretty and then had to wait for hours before it was their turn, but they were troopers. Kessie's competition was first. There were 15 kids in her competition. She looked so cute. They all walked around in a circle and then stopped, switched directions, walked and then stopped. The judge went around and asked them all if they were having fun. Seriously, I have no idea how this competition was judged, but much to my relief, and Kessie's joy, she got 6th place!!! Yippee! She got a big green ribbon, a horse brush, and a popsicle (which ended up all over her shirt!). Afterwards Kessie told Grandma that she figured Comanche was her horse now, since she had won on him. Wow! I didn't know they gave horses as prizes! The next post has pics of Louie, but I was so proud of both my girls. They both did fabulous, and looked so darling in their white (boy) shirts. Kessie had even said that morning, when we put her shirt on. "I look nice, but I look like a church man!" Here's a tip for all you first timers out there....don't get your nice clothes on until minutes before the competition. In three hours, that shirt can get awfully dirty!

Look how straight she is sitting! That is exactly how you proud of her!

She loves, loves, loves, Comanche...he can do no wrong, and he was very good with her!

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