Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy Mother's Day! Hope it was fabulous! Except for you guys, sorry your turn is coming. Here are a couple pics from yesterday. Louie was so excited to bring my gift in from the car, Aaron took the picture. And my bestest gift of all...well, they love to cuddle and most the time they have messy faces and hands, but I still adore them. Love my kids and am so grateful to be their mom. And of course, my sweet hubby, don't have a pic, but he means the world to me too.

In other news. Lanny had a great game. He got the ball away from the other team several times. Here's my favorite shot from the game! Yeah, he's pretty cool!

A couple of stories for your enjoyment. Kessie is always running around in her undies. She hates keeping her clothes on. Everyone just gets used to it. Yesterday, our new Elders came over for dinner. In the middle of dinner she went up to change out of her Sunday dress. I went up a few minutes later to help. She put on a little sundress, that I usually put a onesie under, but she just put it on. Suddenly she stopped and said, "Mom, is it okay if the Elders see my shoulders?" I have no idea where her sudden sense of modesty came from, but I said it would probably be okay this once. Nope, she couldn't handle that answer, so she grabbed a jacket, zipped it up, and put the hood on! Well, no one can claim that she wasn't modest yesterday!

Louie has been having a lot of bad dreams lately and it has really been upsetting her. Yesterday morning, at the breakfast table, she was talking about one of them and asked what she could do about her dreams. Lanny, ever the helpful brother, piped right up. He explained that it helped if she realized she was dreaming, and then it wouldn't seem so scary. So he told her how to recognize if she was dreaming. "First, ask yourself, can I feel the floor?" Okay, so that is as far as his helpful list got because Aaron and I were laughing so hard. I, in fact, asked myself that very question at least a dozen times yesterday. I also asked Aaron and the kids that question multiple times...I think by the end of the day, they were sick of it, but I can't get over it. It makes me giggle every time I say it! And just so you know, yes, I can feel the floor! Go me!

And lastly, I had to add this shot of Louie feeding the chickens. My kids are always so scandalous! Gotta love it. I started by taking a picture of my funny girl, which led to training our stunt chickens. Yep, they actually will take flight if they want that food bad enough! Maybe we have simple pleasures, but hey, we enjoy it!

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