Friday, April 30, 2010

What Have You Done for Your Neighbors Today?

Yeah, so this morning I got a call from my next door neighbor. She is a sweetie and always takes care of our dogs and chickens when we are away. She is a widower of just over a year and a half and she has more energy than anyone I know, save my mother-in-law. She is always looking out for us and doing nice things. Today, I realized just how way too nice she is. She saves her scraps for our chickens. Last night she had come down and thrown some salad scraps in the chicken pen. She called because she didn't want me to panic when I saw the potato peels. (Chickens can't digest raw potato peels, which she knows.) I wasn't concerned, I mean, they're chickens, but she was concerned and so she had cooked the potato peels, just so our chickens could eat them. There's going above and beyond the call of neighborly love. I wonder if she wants to take the chickens off my hands, she's way nicer to them than I am.
On a side note, I called Aaron today and asked him when we are moving. We have had a relatively mild winter with not much wind, but lately, the wind has been kicking up again. As I helped the girls into the car today, my grocery list was ripped out of my purse, thrown 15 feet into the air and didn't come back down until it had crossed the road and landed in my neighbors yard. It proceeded to rush across weeds and backyards. I got in the car and actually drove around the neighborhood looking for my grocery list...yeah, pathetic I know, but I couldn't remember what was on it. I was hoping it had caught in a tree, or fence, but alas, I couldn't find it. The wind was pretty strong, so I'm guessing that someone in Iowa or maybe even Illinois now knows that I needed half and half and asparagus! That paper also had my to do list, which obviously I'm not going to memorize since I wrote it now, I have the rest of the night off because I no longer have a to do list. Sweet! I love relaxing!
So there is my randomness for today. Good neighbors and down time, who could ask for more!

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