Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We've now been sitting around the radio for over four hours. We've polished off a plate of over thirty cookies, hey, we eat when we're nervous. So here is my question. Lanny informed me that we not only were in a tornado warning, but also a flash flood warning. One telling us to seek shelter in the basement and the other telling us to go to higher ground. So which one do we follow? Go to the basement and drown, or run upstairs and get blown into Nebraska? I'm only joking, but I thought it was a good question. Just so my Mom doesn't worry, we're fine, the tornado warning is over and we're not in a flash flood area. But, just in case you were wondering...we're always told to seek higher ground in many aspects of our lives, so I think I'd opt for that option. Or, I'd just do what Aaron told me to do, I trust him completely, he thinks a lot more clearly than I do. On a side note, I called my sister to complain about the storm and she always makes me laugh. She inspired me to move my couch downstairs so that we could at least be comfortable while waiting out a storm. I'm gonna get right to it. The couch has a fold out bed, so we're all set, we'll put it right next to the storage room and be set...food, shelter, comfort. Who could ask for more!
P.S. Just wish we had our grass in, we wouldn't have to water for weeks!

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