Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turkey Hunting...

Last Monday Aaron took the day off so he could go turkey hunting. And yep, he got one. He was pretty excited and then we ate it on Wednesday. It was pretty tasty. After Aaron got home on Monday from hunting, he took the kids up to Pole Mountain to do some fishing. Since then, we've had terrible weather, so I'm glad they got a little outdoor time. Unfortunately for them, he made them eat hot dogs! They loved it, I'm not too keen on it. While they were gone, I did some cleaning, scrapbooking and took a walk in some major wind. I think I was pushed backward more often than I managed to go forward. They caught a fish, and yes, every one of my children ate part of it. So proud of them. I hid upstairs, because not only do I hate the taste, I also hate the smell. I love it when the kids get to spend time with Daddy.

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