Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I don't want my hubby to feel neglected. He has been working so hard and taking such good care of us that I would feel bad if I let anymore time slip by without mentioning a very important event that happened for him. Yes, it was his birthday on the 14th. He celebrated the big 36! We just had a little celebration at home for him, since he had to work part of the day. But that isn't what I'm talking about. Two days ago....wait for it...insert intense music here...I found his first gray hair!!! Actually, it was completely white! I was laughing so hard, but he swears it's just part of his vitiligo. But really, I've never seen any vitiligo up in his hair. (The situation was made even funnier because right before our missionaries left they asked me if he had dyed his hair, because he was looking so much younger. I laughed, but maybe he's hiding more than one white hair under a bunch of dye...you never know, he's always surprising me!) Because I love him, I'll continue to let him use the vitiligo excuse, but I still get to tease him. Love that man, he puts up with me so well! Happy Birthday, Honey, I love you!!!

Aaron gets super kisses from his girls on his birthday. Kessie's hair looks a bit like a used car salesman because she had just been styling it with "hanitizer". It's what she calls hand sanitizer. You didn't know that made such a great hair product, did you?!

Lanny made this sign for Aaron and hid it in the closet for over a week!

Lanny is so excited for Daddy's birthday!

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