Thursday, May 13, 2010


No, Mom, I'm not being gross or disrespectful, I just want to toot my own horn for a minute. Head on over to the Scrapbook and Cards Today blog and you'll see a journal I decorated. Not only do I get to be on their blog today, but they always have fun ideas and great projects to look through some of their other posts too, you'll be glad you did! Thanks for letting me brag a bit, I promise, I'll go right back to my very humble self.


Marti's World said...

OMGosh! Huge congrats, Bri!!!! You ROCK!

Ken and Kim Cutler said...

Congrats!! That's so great! We're counting the days 'til we get to come see you guys! Ken REALLY enjoyed talking to Aaron the other night! I can't tell you how much we would LOVE you guys being in Cody!! I hope everything works out for you guys!!