Saturday, May 29, 2010

The End!

Thursday was an eventful and tiring day. After Louie's graduation, we had Lanny's final soccer game of the year. It was a make-up game and I'm so glad we got to play because Aaron finally made it to a game. And guess what?!? Lanny made a goal! Yipppeee! His first ever! He is usually pretty timid, so I was really proud of him. He kept after the ball and fought for it, finally putting it into the goal! I think he was pretty excited. After the game we had a little team party with snacks and the kids all got a participation trophy. Lanny was thrilled, and Louie was mad because she didn't get one. But, maybe next year, I signed her and Lanny up to play in the fall. And now Kessie is mad because I told her she is still too little. I'm am just a mean, mean Mommy. (I think Kessie would actually be old enough, but she still seems too small to me. Can you blame me for wanting to keep my baby little for just a wee bit longer?) Soccer has been a great experience and we're all glad that Lanny got to play this year. He had a fabulous Coach, seriously wish I had that much patience. He really improved, and had a great he made some new friends. I made new friends too, which is a great thing. We're already planning summer playdates!
Such form...don't you think. Aaron took this picture and the background is in focus and Lanny is out of focus, but I just love it anyway. His concentration, okay, I can't really explain it, but it makes me happy so I had to share it!

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