Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day

Is everyone sitting down, because here's a shocker...we went camping and fishing for Memorial Day...I know, you're stunned. That is so unlike us to go out in the wild and get dirty. And the most amazing part...I drove the truck...while the trailer was attached! I'm amazing aren't I? Well, I was pretty proud that I didn't wreck, of course, I can't back-up, hook up, or do anything but drive forward, but that was enough to get us home. Lanny and Aaron went on to another lake on Tues. so that left the girls and I to get the trailer home. I even remembered to put up the step. On our way out, while we were still on the dirt road, we saw a moose. She was fast, don't mess with a moose, I didn't know they could run that fast, and she wasn't even trying. The girls were so excited to tell Daddy and Brother. They practiced saying, "We saw a moose!" in unison half way home. Aaron and Lanny drove for hours and hours to catch a trout and didn't get one. They were pretty upset, but they did catch one little walleye. I think that helped a little, but you can guarantee I wouldn't drive half way across the state for one fish. But I might for a good scrapbooking sale...each to their own! The reason there are no pics of Lanny is because he went fishing on the day I got my camera out. So I made due taking pics of my girls. Kessie is my animated one. She always has a different look, while Louie just looks beautiful, really...I mean we're camping, where's the dirt...thus, no pictures of me. We actually had a really great time and we made some new friends. On Monday we had a dutch oven dinner with some families from our ward and now that's all the girls talk about is playing with our new friends. We've already scheduled one play date, so that's more than last summer. Maybe we'll actually get something accomplished this, fun, fun...hope everyone's summers are starting off great!

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