Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Children's Village

Louie's preschool class was invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Children't Village (a botanical garden for kids). Kessie and I tagged along and loved it, so I took all three kids back this last Saturday! Once again, I used my new camera...oooh, love it! By the way, Louie told Lanny we were going to the mechanical garden!

Love the sack races, as do my kids. Thought it was funny that they were both pulling a Michael Jordan!
There is a place for kids to perform a puppet show for others. Kessie loved this little bunny.
I was waiting in line so the kids could get a balloon. They tried to find some shade to sit in while we waited. Aaron and I are getting more and more concerned everyday about Louie, we know we're in trouble. She can't help but be beautiful. Yes, once again, I know it is sideways, and I can't figure out how to fix it...remember, I'm technically stupid.
Thought this was such a cute pic of Kessie, patiently waiting while the man made her a balloon butterfly. He was pretty awesome. P.S. All the balloons were at least partially popped by the time we reached the truck (about 4 minutes). So glad I stood in that sweltering line for 45 minutes!

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Marti's World said...

How fun! When Tom's mom died, we asked people to donate to the Children's Garden in lieu of flowers. I need to take the kids over there to see it!