Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anxiously Waiting

I know most of the millions of people who read this blog have been anxiously waiting for pictures from our camping/hunting trip over Labor Day Weekend. Okay, so most of the two people who read this blog didn't know we had even left town, but here you go anyway.
We went over to High Savory Reservoir(might have misspelled that, but I don't really care), which is about 3.5 to 4 hours away depending on how fast we fly over the mountains. Just to let you know, it started off alright...we even got to see three huge manly mooses while driving, but then the trip went slightly south when we also got to see a naked man skipping through the forest! Seriously! That is the one part that Lanny is telling everyone about...luckily it was just his backside.
We camped from Friday through Monday and Uncle Derek and Whitney joined us. It was Uncle Derek's turn to get flat tires this year. Not to be outdone by us (we got two at the same time last year while hunting) he also got two flat tires, but not at the same time. Aaron hunted with his friend Nick and Lanny. We all did a little fishing, I just carried the snacks actually. And we all enjoyed sitting around the campfire with friends and family. It was, print this out and save it because I will never admit to saying this, pretty fun! Aside from the messy hair and dirty fingernails and threat of bears!
The Kokanee were starting to spawn, so we did get to see some red ones. Aaron snagged one accidentally, and since that is technically illegal, he released it...but I got a picture first. Aaron didn't get an Antelope, but I see that as one of God's "tender mercies".
Kessie asked Aaron this morning if we were going camping again tomorrow. All the kids loved it, and I think they could camp forever if I allowed it...probably because baths are not an option and brushing teeth and hair is iffy at best. So without further ado, here are those pictures everyone has been waiting for!

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