Friday, October 2, 2009

On to Victory!!!

So I wanted to share the card I made to send to Uncle George! He'll be really excited to get it I'm sure. USU as most of you know is my school...BYU, well, the unfortunates that have to go there instead of USU, I really feel for them! Their football teams are playing tonight. Uncle George hasn't shut-up about how BYU is going to mop the stadium with USU since BYU beat my other school (CSU) last week. He even had the gall to play the BYU theme song over the phone to me, can you imagine the nerve! (Yeah, and the sad part is, I can sing along to the BYU theme song, whereas I have no idea what Utah State's song is, or Colorado State's for that matter either...feel free to clue me in.) Well, he's in for a big surprise! So that I would be prepared, I got this card all ready to put in the mail as soon as the final whistle blows! So give out a loud cheer and lets hear it for those Aggies!!!
P.S. I guess the game is at 7 tonight, or something like that, they're playing in Provo!Outside

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