Thursday, September 17, 2009


We have been super busy once again, don't know how it happens. We go from nothing to do, to holy cow, there is no time left in the day! A few highlights from this past week. Lanny did great in his soccer game. The boys really worked as a team---and I got a beautiful, amazing, fabulous (are you getting the picture)new camera. Even having no idea how to use it, I got some fun shots of his game. Stay tuned for those, as soon as I figure out how to get them on my computer you will see them. Yes, Aaron spoils me rotten! He must really love me!
Mr. Boingo had his big event on Tuesday. If that last sentence made no sense Aaron and I have done our jobs well. Aaron came up with the name "Mr. Boingo" to represent Lanny, and "Big Event" to represent his birthday. That way we could discuss birthday ideas without him knowing...of course, he caught on pretty quick. When Aaron first said the code phrase, I burst into laughter, he surprises me all the time with his wit. So, Lanny is now seven!!! I can't believe it either. He got up at 6:00 on his birthday and couldn't go back to sleep. He opened several of his presents, but his favorite were a dinosaur washcloth and some bouncy putty (both dollar store items). Why did I bother with more expensive gifts? He's having a birthday party on Saturday, so I'll take most of the pictures then, but here is one that I took on Tuesday!
Yesterday, the girls and I decided to look through the garden and see what we could pick. Here is what we came up with. It was so fun! Louie put everything in a little basket to transfer it to the house, then we took some to the neighbors. We used two peppers and the tomato last night in our tacos! Wow, I love having a garden, or I did for a couple of minutes until I had to go out after dark to water it. (I'm still terrified of the dark in case you were wondering.)
Hope everyone's week is going well.

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